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No. 247: [Chikumae] Iwaya Castle (oh Soretsu Iwaya Castle)

No. 247: [Chikumae] Iwaya Castle (oh Soretsu Iwaya Castle)

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Iwaya CastleIs a castle in Dazaifu city, Fukuoka Prefecture.
Originally from the Chugoku regionMr. OuchiIt is said that it was the astronomical year in the middle of the sixteenth century that it became the current appearance although it was seen to have been functioning as a military base of.Mr. OtomoWas a retainerTakahashi KagamiThere is aTreasure ManchengWithDazaifuAnd became an important base for the Chikumae rule. The famous mark of Mr. Takahashi who was severed after being expelled reversed the revolt to Mr. Otomo of the main houseYoshihiro-Jin(Good.Takahashi, ShoI took the seat of the car.
It is a child of fortune.Munushige TachibanaIs the Yabu of MunimoTachibana Michi YukiIt was a famous general who supported Mr. Otomo with. The last is known as a fierce battle of the year 1586Battle of Iwaya CastleNot
Trying to conquer KyushuMr. ShimazuAll the killing of half a million people to fight the siege of the army is said to be a handful of 763.
LaterHideyoshi ToyotomiByKyushu Seiki, It could be said that Mr. Shimazu would surrender, but one of the factors that caused Mr. Shimazu’s failure to cause major damage was a setback.

[筑前]岩屋城/01遠景  [筑前]岩屋城/02入口
【 Left 】 Iwaya Castle is an ancient agency.Dazaifu AgencyOne of the peaks that stretches from Shitennoji mountain behindMt. IwayaIt is built in. In the nearby Shitennoji Mountain, the ancient fortressOnojoIs built.
【 Right 】 The Iwaya mountain is a forest road and divides the castle area, and it goes up by car to the front of the entrance tomorrow. However, the parking lot is not likely to find the wide road side band and stop. I was able to stop around the north side of the castle area.

[筑前]岩屋城/03大堀切  [筑前]岩屋城/04竪堀
[Left] as soon as you enter the entrance of the guide North HonmaruHorikiriTo the bottom of the.
Right: If you look down from the Horikiri side, you can see the forest path.

[筑前]岩屋城/05本丸  [筑前]岩屋城/06城碑
[Right] and this is a famousCastle Monument“Oh Iwaya Castle.”. It is said that it was built by the descendants of the subordinate of Takahashi.

[筑前]岩屋城/07眺望  [筑前]岩屋城/08本丸櫓台
[Left] The view from Honmaru is good. You can view the ruins of the Dazaifu and the city of Dazaifu.
[Right] on the north side of HonmaruTower StandSeems to be chunkyEarthyIs left.

[筑前]岩屋城/09帯曲輪D  [筑前]岩屋城/10堀切
Left: Long slender under the southeast of HonmaruSogawaYou can see that you have placed
【 Right 】 The north side of Horikiri in the north of the Honmaru that I saw first, but it seems to be outside the castleHorikiriAndEarthyYou can see.

[筑前]岩屋城/11本丸堀切外土塁  [筑前]岩屋城/12高橋紹運墓へ
[Left] This is the ridge that follows the north side of HonmaruEarthy。 If you proceed to the north side, you will hit the road.
[Right] Also on the south side across the forest from the HonmaruSogawaSpreads. FirstTomb of the Lord Takahashi.

[筑前]岩屋城/13墓の曲輪  [筑前]岩屋城/14高橋紹運墓
LeftNinomaruThere is a tomb here in the ring which is transmitted.
【 Right 】 Iwaya in the castleTakahashi, the tomb of his servantsIs.
The seppuku is said to have thrown the intestines against the other, and it is a fierce death of the man who did not abandon Mr. Otomo until the last minute.
I left the name as “the corpse should stop the name in the sky of the cloud well in the moss of the Iwaya” which is a phrase of the resignation world.

[筑前]岩屋城/15H竪堀  [筑前]岩屋城/16I曲輪奥
[Left] The melody continues to the West ridge of NinomaruHorikiriAndVertical MoatYou can see.
[Right] was further on the west SideEarthyAndHoriThe remains, such as a combination.

[筑前]岩屋城/17K竪堀  [筑前]岩屋城/18J畝状竪堀
Left: next to the Ninomaru from the south to the east.Vertical MoatI will go down along.
Right: It’s hard to see in the photo, but it’s on the south side of NinomaruRidge-like vertical moatIs.

[筑前]岩屋城/19L手前堀切  [筑前]岩屋城/20L竪堀
Left: A lot on the ridge which extends further south when coming to about the south of HonmaruHorikiriAndVertical MoatYou can see.
[Right] extended very longVertical MoatIs.

[筑前]岩屋城/21萩尾大学の墓  [筑前]岩屋城/24石仏入口
Left: The Kenkaku of the Takahashi familyTomb of Hagio University. I was resign.
RightSogawaExtends to the southeast Ridge direction,Stone Tower GroupThe route to the tour.

[筑前]岩屋城/25磨崖仏  [筑前]岩屋城/26O曲輪
LeftStone Tower.
[Right] this was deployed in the direction of the southeast Ridge.Sogawa.
There seemed to be countless vertical moat if going to the tip, but it turned back around here.

This is the castle that I wanted to go to in Fukuoka Tour.
It will be long talked as a scene of the history of the Warring States as the nobility that Takahashi who combines Tomo has carried out loyalty to Mr. Otomo of the main house.

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