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No. 248: [Hizen] Hasuike Castle (Hizen, who was castle for a certain time)

No. 248: [Hizen] Hasuike Castle (Hizen, who was castle for a certain time)

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Hasuike CastleIs a castle in Saga City, Saga Prefecture.
Kosong Castle, Kowada CastleAlso known as the first half of the fifteenth centuryNaohikari ODAIt was built by the castle of Mr. Oda.
In 1553Masamitsu ODAButRyuzoji TakanobuHas surrendered. By the plot of Ryuzoji Takanobu in 1558, Masaki OdaEgami TakeseedIn the battle against the Lord, the Hasuike Castle, which lost his death, fell into the hands of Takanobu.
At this time, he is the youngest brother of Takanobu.Ryuzoji NagunobuHas entered.
Hideyoshi ToyotomiKorean sending troopsThe role of the Bunroku(1592-1593 years) later to become the clan of the Saga clanNaoshige ShigamoIs admissionSaga CastleI castle until I moved to. After he moved to Saga Castle, he worked as an important castle, but in 1615,One Country OrdinanceOnce, it became a deserted castle.
In 1639Katsushige ShigamoWas the third son ofNaosumiCaused the Hasuike clan, and the Hasuike Castle was continued to the Meiji Restoration as the clan agency.

[肥前]蓮池城/遠景  [肥前]蓮池城/02駐車場
Left: in the countrysideHasuike ParkIs Hasuike castle ruins.
You can park your car in the parking lot on the right.

Hasuike Park’s Guide board. Because I do not see the character faint, I append it.

[肥前]蓮池城/03佐賀江川  [肥前]蓮池城/04神社正面
Left: originally large meanderingSaga EgawaHas been made linearly by river renovation, and now the river divides the castle area into the north and south.
[Right] first, I came to the area with the Hasuike shrine on the north side.

[肥前]蓮池城/06堀1  [肥前]蓮池城/07堀2
Left: The waterway in the parkMoat Trail, I think this falls into the inner moat of the west side.
RightMoat TrailFrom a different angle.

[肥前]蓮池城/08城案内  [肥前]蓮池城/09北側公園
[Left] The guide board as the castle ruins of the sorry degree tentatively.
RightHasuike ParkNorth of the area.

[肥前]蓮池城/10蓮池神社  [肥前]蓮池城/11堀3
Left: dedicated the former LordHasuike ShrineBut you can’t get close because it’s pretty damaged.
Right: The east side of the shrine behindMoat Trail

Old Hasuike Castle schematic. Hasuike is in front of the public hall. (North direction below)
It is explained that the public hall hits the place of the Gazebo Pavilion.

[肥前]蓮池城/12公民館  [肥前]蓮池城/14南側公園
[Left] this isHasuike Public HallIs.
[Right] I came to the park in the south of Saga Egawa. The park is also beautifully maintained, and there is a parking lot and a ballpark at the beginning.

[肥前]蓮池城/15男山  [肥前]蓮池城/16練兵所
Left: in the parkOtokoyamaCalled the Tsukiyama. It seems to have become the command place of the kneading soldier at the end of Edo.
Right: South side of Mt. MenA kneading stationWas.

[肥前]蓮池城/17雲菴道人歸田詩碑  [肥前]蓮池城/18旧佐賀江川
LeftHoan of the Clouds classified ITA(Yes, what is it?) Hoan The clouds the way people are hasuike the eighth generationA directIt is said that it is ten poems which sang the frame of mind when returning to Hasuike after it retired.
Right: The east Side and the west side of the south area of the park were meandering.Old Saga EgawaThe remaining remnants of the

It seems that there are not so many remains of the castle, but the historical fact that the castle of the current southern saga of the South was established as a castle is important. The weather was bad.

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