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No. 249: Saga Castle (the center of Saga from the Middle Ages to the modern) {W.

No. 249: Saga Castle (the center of Saga from the Middle Ages to the modern) {W.

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Saga CastleIs a castle in Saga City, Saga Prefecture.
This castle, which is now the center of Saga, isPrefectural Historic SitesIs specified in theJapan 100 CastleIt has also been selected.
In the late Heian period of the twelfth centuryRyuzojiThe predecessor of Saga CastleVillage KitanakagusukuIt started with the building of Ryuzoji Castle. In the latter half of the fifteenth century, the Kitanakagusuku of Ryuzoji was developed as a stronghold of the village.Ryuzoji HouseTheWater Gegong CastleBased onMr. Ryuzoji, HydrogaeWas made. After the 16th century, Ryuzoji was confronted with the main family of Mr. Dai-ni and fell into a state of temporary ruin, but laterHizen BearAnd fearedRyuzoji TakanobuEmerged, and by succeeding the Muranaka Castle, it developed into the power of three thirds of the Sengoku Kyushu.
1584Battle of Okita ShijonawateBy TakanobuShimazu. Arima Allied ForcesDefeat to death, the momentum is weakened and the real power is heavyNaoshige Shigamo. After that, Naoshige was ostensibly to follow Mr. Ryuzoji, the main family,The Battle of SekigaharaAfter the inherited of Ryuzoji temple in 1602, he was a child of ShigeruKatsushige ShigamoHas succeeded, he became the Lord of the saga completely. From this time, the Muranaka Castle was developed into the Saga Castle in the form of capturing, and it was completed in 1611. Until the Meiji Restoration, it was in 1874 that the Saga Clan administration was governed by Mr.Saga rebellionIs being seized by the rebels.

佐賀城/01続櫓  佐賀城/02しゃちほこ
[Left] hits the front door to HonmaruKiller Whale GateAndContinuous towerIs in existence.
[Right] killer whale to ride on the roof is a foundry of the Saga clanSeizaimon Taniguchi.

佐賀城/03鯱の門  佐賀城/04鯱の門内側
LeftKiller Whale GateIt can be seen that the structure to attack from the turret whoever attacks the enemy to.
Bullet holes that is gate in the time of the saga’s rebellion remains.
Right: Inside the gate of the killer whale.

The Honmaru part of the circle that remains good now. The trench in the northwest South is still good, but the rest is in the city center.

佐賀城/05本丸御殿  佐賀城/06玄関
[Left] was restored in 2004 in woodenHonmaru Palace
Right: the PalaceYour entrance。 Only special persons such as the Lord or the Shogunate ambassadors were allowed to use it.

佐賀城/07外御書院  佐賀城/08天守台
LeftOutside ShoinWas in the center of the palace. A variety of official events were held here.
【 Right 】 northwest of HonmaruTower units
At that time, there was a tower of the quintet, but it was burnt down in 1726.

佐賀城/13西門  佐賀城/09天守入口
LeftTower unitsTo climb,XimenOut.
RightTower unitsThe entrance. Access from the outside.

佐賀城/10天守上  佐賀城/11西土塁
LeftTower units.
[Right] from tower unitsWestern Soil Base IshigakiLooking at. Except for someEarthyThe Saga Castle, which was guarded byIshigakiIs applied.

佐賀城/14水路跡  佐賀城/15南土塁
Left: It was found on the side of the ground base stone wall of the westA waterway trail
We have found wooden and stone waterways connecting the Marunouchi and the outside.
[Right] South side is also solidlyEarthyIs protected. Wide on the outsideAyumi MinamihoriIs visible.

佐賀城/12西側石垣、内堀  佐賀城/16南西隅櫓台
LeftWestern Soil Base IshigakiExternal. The restoredIshigakiContinues. In front of it, it flowed to the west side of the Honmaru.UchiboriYou can see the traces of the.
Right: Restored to the edge of the southwest.Southwest Corner Tower Tower

佐賀城/17南堀  佐賀城/18東堀
[Left] Saga Castle is wide on all sides of the castle area.SotoboriI was surrounded by.
Of photosAyumi MinamihoriOther, northHori, NishiboriRemains good.
[Right] for the outer moat of the north, west and south SideHigashiboriHas been buried in modern times, but has recently been restored.

佐賀城/19東堀案内  佐賀城/20東堀整備
[Left] Guide Board of the East Moat maintenance.
[Right] on the north side of HonmaruHigashiboriThe atmosphere is also maintained.

水ヶ江城/龍造寺隆信生誕の地  水ヶ江城/水路
[Left] The village of Ryuzoji was expanded in a way that greatly extended the Kitanakagusuku, just 100 metres from Minamibori in Saga Castle.Water Gegong Castle. There is no remains that seems to be the ruins nowRyuzoji Takanobu BirthplaceThere was a place near there.
[Right] in the place where it is said that there was a castle of waterWaterwayRan countless, and one defended the water castle.HoriIt is thought that it played the role.

It is a center from the Warring States Period that the feudal castle that Mr. is the current appearance and has ruled by Ryuzoji, and it continues to function as a center of the SAGA saga where the prefectural government is still lined up now.

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