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No. 251: Katsuo Castle from Chikushi-Kan (a major base built by Mr. Chikushi)

No. 251: Katsuo Castle from Chikushi-Kan (a major base built by Mr. Chikushi)

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Chikushi-Kan(Chikatease),KatsuoshiroThe castle was in Tosu City, Saga Prefecture.
Katsuo Castle Chikushi Ruins(And Johchi comb), the five castles that expand on both sides across the valley muscle and the ruins of the Chikushi-kan at the foot of Katsuo Castle and the foothills (Demon Castle, Takatori Castle, Kuzuka Castle, Kagami Castle, Wakayama FortIncluding the east and west 2.5 km, the north and South 2.0 km, the remnants of the late Warring States period are distributedCountry Historic SitesIs specified.
Mr. ChikushiThe power of the guardian of northern KyushuMr. SmallIt is said that it is a clan.
Circa 1467Chikushi MitsuruHizen into Katsuo Castle, Chikumae, and the national border of Chikugo three countries, but small forcesMr. Otomo, Mr. Mori and Mr. ShimazuDuring the great power, such as by listening to the enemy and changing enemies, I have survived the wild world. 1586Chikushi HiromonOf the time, the Shimazu army that came northwardShimazu, IhisaBy the attack of Katsuo Castle is a castle. It became a deserted castle after that. Even though Hirogate himself was captured and imprisoned, Mr. Shimazu was also active in a comeback and Korean sending troops after he surrendered to Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

勝尾城・筑紫氏館/01遠望  勝尾城・筑紫氏館/02筑紫氏館正面
LeftKatsuo Castle Chikushi RuinsTo the mountains.
[Right] here isThe ruins of Chikushi-kanFront of. There is also a parking lot.

勝尾城・筑紫氏館/03案内  勝尾城・筑紫氏館/03筑紫氏館
[Left] This time, I put the red circle in the ruins of the vast Katsuo castle Chikushi Mr.The ruins of Chikushi-kanFromKatsuoshiroLook at the part.
Right nowChikushi ShrineIt was the mark of the place where Mr. Chikushi had taken the usual political affairs.

The Guide Board of the Chikushi-kan ruins. In the place where the main and the meeting places were, the wall soil and the pillar hole where the column was burnt are excavated.

勝尾城・筑紫氏館/08筑紫氏館全景  勝尾城・筑紫氏館/05館虎口
Left: A view of Chikushi-Kan.
Right: As a guide board to the ruins of the museumPassingIs left.

勝尾城・筑紫氏館/06館虎口外  勝尾城・筑紫氏館/07館虎口石垣
LeftPassingIs seen from the outside.
Bend left to enterMasugata structureBut it is hard to understand in the grass.
[Right] to the tiger mouthIshigakiIt was still covered with grass and it was difficult to understand though it was left.

勝尾城・筑紫氏館/09館庭園  勝尾城・筑紫氏館/10登山道
Left: On the east side of Chikushi Shrine, on the Guide boardGardenAnd the stated location.
The mountain climbing from the ruins to Katsuo Castle is about a small hour. It’s a tough road.

勝尾城・筑紫氏館/11大手曲輪へ  勝尾城・筑紫氏館/12大手曲輪
Left: It is in the place where the main Guo part of Katsuo Castle Falls South.Major Melody.
[Right] A major inflection wheel is a melody which centers on the tiger mouth which stands in the front of the castle as its name.

勝尾城・筑紫氏館/13大手曲輪虎口  勝尾城・筑紫氏館/14大手堀切
The left is rough, but countlessIshigakiBuilt in a hugePassingIs.
[Right] in the big circleHorikiri

勝尾城・筑紫氏館/15分岐  勝尾城・筑紫氏館/16主郭部へ
[Left] There is a branch to the main Guo and the second round from around the boulders are rumbling. The altitude is raised at a dash toward the Honmaru.
Right: Enter while bending to this rightPassing.Main enclosureIt is the arrival of the tune ring to compose.

勝尾城・筑紫氏館/17主郭部  勝尾城・筑紫氏館/18主郭部
LeftMain enclosureArrived. First of all, this wideSogawa, It becomes a circle below one of the best places.
[Right] the part which extends to the south side. Is open.

Turf map of the main part of Katsuo Castle.
It is built on a retired ridge that surrounds the valley from the main Guo.

勝尾城・筑紫氏館/19物見岩  勝尾城・筑紫氏館/20眺望.
Left: At the south end of the main enclosureWatch Rock
Right: Open view of South side.

勝尾城・筑紫氏館/21南西部へ  勝尾城・筑紫氏館/22南西石塁
Left: From the side of the rock to the southwest Ridge, it goes down the height like the photograph at once.
Right: Built on the southwest ridgeIshigaki

勝尾城・筑紫氏館/23南西石塁  勝尾城・筑紫氏館/24石敷き発掘
Left: Southwest RidgeIshigakiFrom a different angle.
Right: Back to the main GuoStone layingThere was an excavation around here.

勝尾城・筑紫氏館/25横堀  勝尾城・筑紫氏館/竪堀
Left: Built on the side of the main enclosureYokobori
On the west side of the ridge stretched northwest, it is difficult to understand in the photograph rightRidge-like vertical moat.

勝尾城・筑紫氏館/26主郭虎口  勝尾城・筑紫氏館/27最頂部
[Left] to the highest place in the main GuoPassing
[Right] the highest place in the main Guo.EarthyIs also built.

勝尾城・筑紫氏館/28堀切  勝尾城/虎口
Left: On the way towards the second roundHorikiriIs. It goes through here and it turns to the north side slope of 2 No Maru.
Right: West side of the second round, opened to the northPassing

勝尾城・筑紫氏館/29空堀  勝尾城・筑紫氏館/30石垣
[Left] from the side of the tiger mouthYokoboriContinues.
Right: When I look up from Yokohori, it seems to be the best thing to see.Ishigaki。 This is in front of the center of the 2-no-maru.

勝尾城・筑紫氏館/31二の丸石列  勝尾城・筑紫氏館/32二の丸虎口
[Left] here is a ridge extending from the second to the SouthIshigaki
Right here, heading east.PassingIs open.

勝尾城・筑紫氏館/33下山  勝尾城・筑紫氏館/34林道
Left: I went down to a forest road.
[Right] with what! There was a space which seemed to be able to park enough beside the tunnel of the Forest Road. Is it good that you didn’t have to do a hard climb from Chikushi-kan?

It is the home of Mr. Chikushi who skillfully swam between the great powers of the Kyushu Warring States period.
It seems that Chikushi hirogate is thorough the thought that the surviving person wins, and I think that this is an interesting state of the Sengoku warlords.

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