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No. 252: Yanagawa Castle (the impregnable Mizuki defended by Muneshige Tachibana)

No. 252: Yanagawa Castle (the impregnable Mizuki defended by Muneshige Tachibana)

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Yanagawa CastleThis is a castle in Yanagawa city, Fukuoka Prefecture.
There are hardly any remains except the moat that has been scattered all over the town,City Historic SiteIs specified.
Originally, it was said that Mr. Kamaike had built it in the first half of the sixteenth century, but 1558-1590Kamaike, KagamiThe castle and the maintenance were advanced. After that,Mr. RyuzojiThe Castle,Hideyoshi ToyotomiThe year 1587 after the KyushuMunushige Tachibana(Breast) entered as a daimyo of thirteen million stones.
1600The Battle of SekigaharaAfter returning to Yanagawa Castle, it became to stick to the West Army inNaoshige Gamo, Kiyomasa Kato and Josui KurodaI was attacked by the defense, but I surrendered to Kaijo.
I joined Yanagawa in place of Tachibana Muneshige who lost the TerritoryYoshimasa TanakaIs 320,005, and Yoshisei who will govern chikugo in the large body of Sengoku has maintained the Yanagawa Castle of Honjo to a larger oneKurume CastleAndFukushima CastleThe castle was also developed.
After that, Mr. Tanaka became a Lord, and in 1620, Tachibana Munushige was re-blooming as a 109,200 stone again, and Mr. Tachibana became the ruler of the Meiji Restoration.

柳川城/00乗船場  柳川城/01乗船
[Left] ImpregnableMizukiThe characteristics of Yanagawa Castle, which was said to have been repeated over and overHoriIs.
The moat other than Uchibori remains well throughout the town and the Moat River descends is an important tourist resource.
First of all, near Nishitetsu Yanagawa stationMatsumon Shimoba Senba.
[Right] immediately, take the boat down the river.

On the rightMatsumon Shimoba SenbaFrom the bottom leftThe lower senba of the sixth sittingUntil the river is down.

Many moat are also drawn on the old map in the Flower (Tachibana House). (The direction is north to the left)

柳川城/02外堀  柳川城/03堀水門
Left: I can see the floodgates of Ishikumi.
RightHori SluiceWas set up to adjust the water level of the moat.

柳川城/04堀2  柳川城/05並蔵
【 Left 】 We will move toward the center of the castle area from Horimizu Gate.
Right: In the branch of Nakabori and outer moatNamokura。 It is a brick storehouse built in the Meiji era.

柳川城/06船頭  柳川城/07橋の下
[Left] Mr. Boatman was a woman of the voice Yes,
[Right] Occasionally, we bend down Under the bridge.

柳川城/田中吉政  柳川城/09下船
Left: I can say that I made the foundation of the town of Yanagawa which remains at presentMasayoshi Tanaka StatueWelcomes you.
It is a person who is a little famous because the person of Yoshisei’s hand captured Ishida Mitsunari who is hiding after the defeat of the Battle of Sekigahara.
RightThe lower senba of the sixth sittingArrived.

柳川城/10立花邸  柳川城/11宗茂鎧
[Left] close to the six-seaterHana (Tachibana House)Came to. It is the villa of the Lord which was built in 1697.
The photo was built as a Geihinkan in 1910.Western PavilionIs.
[Right] in the flowerTachibana Family Historical MuseumTachibana Muneshige wearing Armor.

柳川城/12雷切丸  柳川城/13松濤園
[Left] This was also in the museum.Lightning Cut RoundCalled Swords.
It is a yabu of Muneshige, and it is still known as the famous General Tachibana (Tochi), and the legend that the Thunder which fell suddenly when the road snow was taking a nap under the tree is left. Since that time the foot of the road snow was lame.
RightNational BeautyThe garden of flowers that have been designated to.Shoto Garden, Unfortunately we smoke in the rain.

柳川城/14内堀?  柳川城/15柳城中学校
[Left] is the center of the castleHonmaruIsYanagijo Junior High SchoolNinomaruIsYanagawa High SchoolIt has become.UchiboriShould have been buried, but it should have been in the schoolyard area of the junior high school from this waterway.
RightYanagijo Junior High SchoolFront of the main gate.Tower unitsThe rise of theTowerBut!

柳川城/16天守台  柳川城/17本丸
Left side of the schoolyardTower units。 Except for the moat, this neighborhood seems to be the only remains.
[Right] tower units from different angles.

柳川城/18天守台石垣  柳川城/19天守台上
[Left] climbs to the tower unit. LittleIshigakiIs left.
[Right] it is on the tower unit.

柳川城/20城碑  柳川城/21石碑
Left: On the east side of junior high SchoolCastle Monument
Right: Is this a lantern? It looks old.

柳川城/22本丸石垣  柳川城/23町中
Left: Also in the east side of the middle school muscleIshigakiIs left.
You don’t go to the town by boat.HoriIs still left, so it is also good to try to walk.

The impregnable castle defended by Muneshige Tachibana who accomplished a miraculous revival while becoming a body and the defeated army of Sekigahara. It is a life not to be ashamed to the name of the famous general that the Shogun Tokugawa Shutadada and the shogunate also admitted a lot of Takekatsu and the character though it is checkered.

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