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No. 253: Kurume Castle (main castle of Chikugo developed by the Settsu Arima)

No. 253: Kurume Castle (main castle of Chikugo developed by the Settsu Arima)

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Kurume CastleIs a castle in Kurume city, Fukuoka Prefecture.
There are only remains of the moat and the stone wall of the Honmaru part,Prefectural Historic SitesIs specified in theJapan 100 CastleIt has been selected.
OriginallyShino YamashiroIt is called, and it starts from the castle of the size like the fortress built by the nearby Tsuchigo in the Yongsei year (1504-1521). It becomes a place of the fight between Mr. Otomo and Ryuzoji in the Warring States period, but this time, it is a religious powerYoshihiro Tanba‘S brotherKei LinIt has been recorded that the Lord was.
Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s KyushuKobayakawa, Shu(It is in 1600)The Battle of SekigaharaIn the West Army confiscated the territory for. ChikugoYanagawa CastleToYoshimasa TanakaEnters the large body of Sengoku 320,005, Kurume Castle is maintained as its castle and is the second son of Yoshisei.Yoshinobu TanakaHas entered. After Mr. Tanaka had become aMr. Yutaka ArimaWent into the 21st century, and the castle of Kurume and the town Castle were developed to the present day. Kurume Castle became the ruler of Settsu-Arima until the Meiji Restoration.

久留米城/01南西面堀と石垣  久留米城/02大手虎口
【 Left 】 Southwest side of HonmaruHigh stone wallAnd moat. What is the most beautiful composition in Kurume Castle?
RightHonmaru MajorIsMasugata Toraguchi, And originallyCanopy Mikado.

久留米城/案内  久留米城/03太鼓櫓

[Left] is a guide map of Honmaru in the local Guide board and pamphlet.
[Upper right] this is beside the Honmaru giant Tiger mouth.Taiko Tower Ruins(Guide (10)). It was a triple tower.
Bottom rightWell(Guide (12)). AnotherEnclosureThe well which remains in the castle with is two.

久留米城/05有馬記念館  久留米城/06千松庵
LeftArima Memorial Hall(Guide (15)) is a local museum donated by Bridgestone in 1960.
You can see the materials related to Mr. Arima.
Right: thisSenshoan(Guide (14)) is a tea room donated by the mother of Shojiro Ishibashi, the founder of Bridgestone. Kurume is still a town of Bridgestone.

久留米城/07東郷記念館  久留米城/08本丸御殿
LeftTogo Memorial Hall(Guide (13)) of the United Nations Fleet commander in the Russo-Japanese WarMarshal Heihachiro TogoThe study used by It is said that Mr. Shojiro Ishibashi repaired this again.
RightHonmaru Palace Ruins。 There is a guide monument.

久留米城/09篠山神社  久留米城/10乾櫓
Left: Honmaru CenterSasayama Shrine。 The feudal lord is enshrined from Mr. Yutaka Arima, the clan’s founder.
【 Right 】 Honmaru in the northwest cornerDry Tower Ruins(Guide (7)).

久留米城/11艮櫓.  久留米城/12眺望
Left: Honmaru in the northeast cornerUshitora Tower Ruins(Tower (6)).
[Right] view of the east side.

久留米城/13東御門  久留米城/14密柑丸
[Left] it descends from the East gate ruins which are provided on the east side. BesideMoon Tower Ruins.
[Right] The straight line of the Moon Tower (Guide (5)) descends the stairsIshigakiIs.
The front of the waist bendOranges MaruIt was a guide (3).

久留米城/15巽櫓  久留米城/16巽櫓
[Left] was in the southeast of HonmaruTatsumi Tower(4) is the largest in the castleMie Tower, It became a substitute for tower.
RightTatsumi TowerFrom the south side.

久留米城/全体  久留米城/17二ノ丸

[Left] now, except for the Honmaru part, it is Kurume Castle, which has almost disappeared, but the water moat surrounds each in the territory of the communication formality to which the outline develops in the south of the Honmaru. It is understood that the Chikugo River which flows in the west Side was a castle with a vast castle area which used it as a moat of the large outside. Now we are died in the city, but let’s trace the traces.
[Right]No. 2 MaruAndSanno MaruIs the Bridgestone factory. This isNo. 2 MaruOfStone monument
[Right] this isSanno MaruOfStone monument

久留米城/19大手門  久留米城/21外郭土塁
[Left] further down to the south, the intersection of the southeast side of Meizen High School.
The moat on the north side of this ToriiOutlineGet intoMajor Gate.
RightFukuoka District CourtOn the east side ofOutlineOfEarthyThere are some left.

久留米城/20外郭土塁  久留米城/22外郭堀
LeftEarthyExtends to the north side of the parking lot.
Right: The parking lot of the ground base and the other side surrounded the outline.HoriThere was a waterway which seemed to be a remnant of.
It is sure to be a linear match with the old map.

Kurume Castle is the cornerstone of Kurume, the city that represents the southern part of Fukuoka Prefecture. Although it is not high profile of Mr. Arima who contributed greatly to the maintenance, the Bridgestone founder who entered the modern era and gave various support, Mr. Ishibashi is quite a celebrity.

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