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No. 254: Akizuki Castle (town where Kuroda’s branch was ruled)

No. 254: Akizuki Castle (town where Kuroda’s branch was ruled)

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Akizuki CastleIs a castle in Asakura city, Fukuoka Prefecture.
This castle is famous for its lovely castle townPrefectural Historic SitesIs specified.
Mr. Akizuki, who was the ruler of the region until the Warring States Period originallyTaneo AkizukiIs a castleAncient CastleEstablished in 1203 as a peacetime house for the In 1587, he built the heyday of Mr. Akizuki in the Kyushu clear of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.Akizuki species MinoruWas chased from this land, and it was a deserted castle.
Entered the Edo period, 1624Kuroda NagamasaBe the third son ofKuroda NagokiAs a clanFukuoka DomainMore independentAkizuki DomainWhen he became the clan of the Jinya, the use of Akizuki Castle, which had become the castle ofJinya AkizukiIs also called. Since then, Mr. Kuroda’s branch has ruled this place until the Meiji Restoration.

秋月城/案内  秋月城/杉の馬場
There used to be a big cedar in the main street that runs north and south.Cedar BabaIs called.
It is said that the samurai also used the tendency of equestrian. It is about 500m from the north end to the center of Akizuki Castle.
It is recommended to walk while strolling around the quaint castle town.

秋月城/02稽古館跡  秋月城/03秋月郷土館
[Left] Once on this stone wallClan Science Rehearsal Hall.
RightAkizuki Folk MuseumIs. It is good to collect the material here, but it was not open after the early morning when I visited.

秋月城/北側櫓台  秋月城/堀
[Left] There was a tower of five groups in the west side of the center, but this is the north side of theCorner Tower stand MarkIs.
Right side of the WestHoriRemain firmly. The big picture at the backKawara-ZakaIs visible.

秋月城/06瓦坂正面  秋月城/秋月城/瓦坂
Left: Major mouthKawara-Zaka。 The tiles are paved to prevent sediment leakage.
It was in the masugata, and it disappeared now by the school construction although it went through between two towers which climbed here and it entered the tiger mouth.
RightKawara-ZakaTo see from the top.

秋月城/08勢溜り  秋月城/09櫓台
[Left] the square in front of the gate which enters the main partTamenuriIt was called, and it was a meeting place of the army.
Right: On the south side of the tile slopeTower ruins

秋月城/10長屋門  秋月城/11本丸
[Left] This one falls on the rear gate.Nagayamon。 It is an existing building.
Right: The center of the castleAkizuki Junior High SchoolIt has become.
The north half of the school building was a political office.Table PalaceWhere there was.

秋月城/13上段の石垣  秋月城/12上段へ
[Left] on the other hand, the place where the higher side of the south is private space of the LordOku Palace.
[Right] go up to the topStairs

秋月城/14垂裕神社  秋月城/15黒門
Left: In the southeast part of the castleShiyu Shrine(Shrine).
The first Lord Kuroda Nagoki from the former lord, his wife, the child. The person killed in war from Akizuki is enshrined.
【 Right 】 relocated to the entrance of the approach to the shrineKuromon Ichiba。 This gate was a major gate.

秋月城/16時櫓  秋月城/17宮地嶽神社
Left: West of townWhen the tower. It is the place where the bell tower which informs the time in Edo period was put.
During the Warring States PeriodAncient CastleIs one of the castle out ofFukugaku CastleIs placed in the area where the ridge muscles are westward (the mountain behind)Fukugaku Mino, MamoruIt is said that the place where there was a mansion of.
Right now, where the tower wasMiyaji-Gaku ShrineThere is a shrine.
The stone pillar that supports both sides of the shrine seems to have been a pillar to support the turret originally with a disproportionate thickness.

It is a castle of the refill of Mr. Akizuki from the TowerAncient CastleYou can watch the direction.

This is a tourist destination where you can enjoy an old castle town with an atmosphere, even if you don’t like castles.
It is recommended to come together if you have a lot of time in the vicinity of the Sengoku period Akizuki Mr. Yamashiro.

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