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No. 255: Momii Castle (Castle where the blue demon legend of Tamba remains)

No. 255: Momii Castle (Castle where the blue demon legend of Tamba remains)

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Momii CastleThe castle was in Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture.
It is located in the hub of the east entrance to the Sasayama basin in a position overlooking the Nishikyo Kaido (current Route 372), which runs from the east to the west. Be Lord fellow seems in the landMr. MomiiCastle, and in the literatureMomii, HarushigeAndMomii GoroName has been verified.
As a commander of the Tamba district of Oda Nobunaga Army from 1577Mitsuhide AkechiThe Tanba invasion in earnest,Hachikami CastleAraki CastleAnd other attacks. TanbaRed DemonKnown asBlack CastleOfNaomasa AkaiWith brave and daringBlue DemonWas toldMomii IndustryThe real existence of the blue Demon without going out of the region of the legend is suspected though it is known by depending to the Momii castle.

籾井城/01遠景  籾井城/02登山口
[Left] The distant view of the Momii Castle seen over Route 372.
【 Right 】 Fukuzumi, Sasayama CityZen Chang TempleThere is a doorway on the side of the.

There is not a good guide board for the castle lover, and it is guided as a walking course. I went like an arrow and took a different route on the way back.
The castle itself is a structure in which the main enclosure of the highest place is centered, and a tune ring develops in each ridge of Higashinishi North and south.
Zen Chang Temple from the mouth, I will attach to the melody of the southern Ridge.

籾井城/04登山道  籾井城/05城域南端
【 Left 】 The uphill climb is about 15-20 minutes.
The right side will take you to the southern end of the castle area.Vertical MoatAndSogawaYou can check the

籾井城/05竪堀  籾井城/06切岸
[Left] This is in the south of the wheel group.Vertical Moat.
[Right] very respectableKirikishi

籾井城/07主郭手前  籾井城/08西曲輪堀切上から
[Left] in front of the main enclosureObi-Song RingBut I will go to the west side of the road without leaving.
RightWest WheelOfHorikiriTo see from the top.

籾井城/09西曲輪堀切  籾井城/10西曲輪
LeftHorikiriFrom the side.
RightWestern MelodyOne of. The maintenance is not so much.

籾井城/11西端堀切  籾井城/12主郭
Left: Shallow to separate the castle area on the west SideHorikiri
Right, come back.Main GuoArrived.

籾井城/城碑  籾井城/13主郭虎口
LeftPaddy Castle ParkOf the old and the bigStone monument, And was inscribed on the back as “the memorial commemoration of the East Palace in July, 1914.”
[Right] the recess in the southeast corner of the main enclosure descends to the bandTiger Mouth markIt seems to be.

籾井城/14北曲輪  籾井城/15北曲輪土塁
LeftThe north side of the melody Group.
First long slenderSogawaAt the north EndEarthyDoTower StandThere are still a few of them.
Right: At the north end of the above-mentioned inflection wheelEarthy
When it exceeds this, it is thought that it was a mechanism to attack the enemy who was still stranded by Horikiri through the soil base because it is horikiri and vertical moat.

籾井城/16北曲輪堀切  籾井城/17土橋
Left: The destination of the ground baseHorikiriIs.
【 Right 】 The biggest attractions in Momii CastleDobashi。 It is a thin, twisty dobashi that passes Horikiri only to the small.

籾井城/18東曲輪竪堀  籾井城/19東曲輪
LeftThe east side of the songCame to. Like picturesVertical Moat.
[Right] long slenderEast WheelAnd descend.

籾井城/東曲輪堀切  籾井城/20下山
[Left] to partition the east end of the East WheelHorikiri
[Right] it seems to have descended by the route not on the Guide board for some reason, and it descended to the back a little more of the paved road before Zen Chang Temple.

The Red Demon, Blue Demon, and Araki Demon are the generals of Tamba.
The role that Mr. Momii played in the fellow seems was large in its own way, but I think that the existence of only Blue demon is not confirmed.

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