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No. 256: Araki Castle (the castle which the Takeshi Araki defends)

No. 256: Araki Castle (the castle which the Takeshi Araki defends)

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Araki CastleIs a castle in Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture.
BeforeCastle of the MillI think that there were many who called it, but it seems that Araki Castle has been put out to the front recently, and it fits there.
It is in the position to suppress the Ayabe Kaido (current route 173) toward Ayabe from Fukuzumi, Sasayama city,Hachikami CastleIt is thought that it was an important base to defend east of. The year of the castle is astronomical (1532-1555),Mr. ArakiWas according to, was the greatest force at TambaMr. HatanoWas followed. Above allMr. ArakiWas dispatched to the Tamba district commander of the Oda Nobunaga Army.Mitsuhide AkechiIs known to have often repulsed the armies ofAraki DemonI took the nickname of.
After that, Mr. Leash surrendered in the second invasion of Mitsuhide Akechi.Hachikami CastleOfHideharu HatanoWas destroyed.
Later, he was asked to become a retainer from Mitsuhide Akechi, who had bought Mr. Rope’s heroism, but said that he had the refusal to go to the grounds of his illness.

荒木城/01入口  荒木城/02細工所城碑
LeftHeart Pier CenterOn Route 173, a new guide board was installed.
Here we go to the back.
[Right] The name of the old road and the intersection was formerly used oftenA monument to the castle of the mill.

荒木城/03遠景  荒木城/04登城口
Araki Castle is built in the mountain behind the house in the front back.
[Right] The entrance to the castle was beautifully developed.

荒木城/07細工所砦  荒木城/05砦
[Left] the ground is in the castle ruins immediately after the climb outFort of the MillIt is called.
It seems that there is the view of castle ruins against Araki Castle on the Mount which is the castle of the place, and the castle which Akechi Mitsuhide of the siege side built.
[Right] behindTower ruinsSeems to be a hugeEarthyCan be confirmed.

荒木城/06細工所砦祠  荒木城/08砦堀切
LeftEarthyOn top of the shrine.
Right: Break the ridge to the back of the baseHorikiri.
There is a tower stand behind the pavilion if the ground level in the foreground is a living space like the pavilion, and the back is Horikiri, and there is a sense of discomfort in the view from the gate. Personally, I think it would be better for the direction of the siege to be built as a defensive line.

荒木城/09残り25分  荒木城/10残り14分
LeftThe sign of Araki ruins about 25 minutes
The forest and the green petting support project It seems to have been improved recently by the subsidy, but it stands at a certain interval and it is old.The castle ruinsSigns are also standing in some places, and there is no hesitation to the summit.
[Right] the signboard of about 14 minutes after climbing intently. We will enter the castle area from this area.

荒木城/11十四曲輪  荒木城/12きつい坂
Left: You can see the clear ground level next to the trail.
It was developed in the ridge which extended to the southwest from the Honmaru of the mountaintop (main Guo)SogawaWill be taken.
[Right] the last spurt to the main part, considerably severe uphill.

荒木城/12Ⅵ曲輪残り1分  荒木城/13虎口e手前
There is a guide board about one minute left, but of course, this level of cutting isSogawaIs.
The melody Group of the main part has been developed on another step.
Right: Invade from a brokenPassing

荒木城/14虎口e  荒木城/15主郭前
LeftPassingIs a melody, but turn right.
[Right] This area is the main Guo (Honmaru)PassingBut the trees that have been felled have been left wildly and obscure the remains.

荒木城/16主郭  荒木城/17主郭眺望
[Left] of the best placeMain Guo (Honmaru)Arrived. Is it a little tight hiking trail?
The view is on the north side of the main enclosure.

荒木城/18Ⅱ曲輪  荒木城/19虎口a
[Left] leads to the east side of the main Guo (Honmaru)Two Guo
[Right] the recess in the boundary line of the main enclosure and the two Guo is a little incomprehensible, but it is a tiger mouth mark.

荒木城/虎口外  荒木城/21三曲輪
LeftPassingFrom the outside, you can see that it is a masugata structure.
[Right] it was arranged like a band in the south of the two Guo CircleThree Guo

荒木城/22三曲輪眺望  荒木城/23Ⅲ曲輪下へ
[Left] The view is opened from three Guo, and the mountain of the back is hoped.
[Right] from hereSoutheast RidgeIt is necessary to go down a rough steep slope to access the melody group which expands to.

荒木城/24H1堀切と土橋  荒木城/25十曲輪先の馬の背
[Left] When you go down a steep slope, wide cut off the ridgeHorikiriAnd through the meantimeDobashi.
[Right] Horikiri’s destination is a natural defense mechanism that constrains the marching of the enemy by advancing the tall ridge of the slender horse.

荒木城/26十一曲輪  荒木城/大手虎口
Left: It is a melody when I pass a thin ridge. At the southern endEarthyYou can check the
It is said that the ridge muscle of this southeast side is a major muscle, and this is the major sidePassing.
EarthyAndVertical MoatPrevent you from going straight in.

荒木城/27堀切T  荒木城/28Ⅴ曲輪
[Left] This protects the tiger mouth of the above-mentioned major muscleVertical Moat
Right: Back to the original main enclosure, nowNorthwest RidgeThe aim of the group.
The photograph is the West end of the main part.

荒木城/29Ⅴ曲輪切岸  荒木城/30H2堀切
[Left] at a stretch to lower the altitude and look back, the main partKirikishi
[Right] this ridge is alsoHorikiriCut off in theDobashi.

荒木城/31C曲輪群の馬の背  荒木城/32十三曲輪土塁
[Left] This ridge also prevents the enemy from marching on the thin ridge.
Right: The inflection wheel at the edge of the ridgeEarthyThe enemy of the West is found to be built and positioned like a round and a lookout.

Around this ring is a largeVertical MoatYou can check more than one.

It is a castle that the fellow seems Lord Araki who is the especially of the renowned crushed is a castle that concentrates the Nobunaga army, and it is a fine climb, and it is good to visit by all means because the maintenance is progressing.

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