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Oi Shrine (October 1, 2017)

Oi Shrine (October 1, 2017)

From Izumo Daijingu
We went to Oi Shrine, which is one of the best old companies in Kameoka.

The Kameoka basin is said to have been a lake called the Lake of Dandong,
When it disappears, the water dries up here.
It remained long as a great well that does not wither even in drought,
It is the origin of Oi’s name.

In Oi Shrine, carp is God’s use,
The parishioners were contraindicated in eating carp,
It is not likely to raise the carp streamers at the festival of Dano.

Address: 1-3-25 Namikawa, Ohi-cho, Kameoka, Kyoto
Enshrined: Moon Reading, City Kishima hime life, Kimata God
Founded: (DEN) Kazucopper 3 years (710)
Corporate Rating: In-company, Gosha, Shinsen Pyebaek-jin Shrine



There was a large free parking lot when the approach which was long Baba was advanced.

It’s more like a square than a parking lot.

Genroku 3 years (1670) the one that was erected.


【 Mai-Dono 】

【 Main Hall 】

The one that was rebuilt in 2009.

[End Shrine]

Seven companies were enshrined behind the main hall.


In the name of the East Light temple that shared the precincts in the age of Gods,
It was enshrined as a GNP Buddha of Oi Daimyojin.

[Tenmangu Shrine]

We were rebuilt in 2006.

【 Inari-sha 】

[Matsuyama Inari Daimyojin]

Camel Spider

It seems that the name of the Toko temple remains.

[God Pond]

There was a stone of a tortoise,
It is not a carp.

[Ise Jingu Haruka]

[Red Seal]

This is the end of the temples and shrines in Kameoka.

The water tail will run on the Cruel Road,
It was a quite interesting ground.<!–


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