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Ramen Noodles Blog IV (5) ~ Local B-Class gourmet “Funabashi source ramen” is still living steadily in multiple stores!!

Ramen Noodles Blog IV (5) ~ Local B-Class gourmet “Funabashi source ramen” is still living steadily in multiple stores!!

It is said that it is a local B class gourmet of Funabashi
“Funabashi sauce Ramen”

I have lived in the local area for many years,
I’ve known about it for the first time in five years.)

As the deadline for the drinking party for a long time,
And, it seems to have been extinct though it seemed to have filled the stomach of the guest of the Auto Return & Funabashi horse race.

From 2010 to 13 years, when the local B-class gourmet boom in the city revived system is just around the time in the world…
The project was started to play the source ramen in Funabashi exactly,
This was only a limited time event.
I knew it for the first time, but in the end, I was eating missed.

The original Honmoto was already closed,
Only one store in existence,
I thought it was almost extinct,
Surprising and surprising… The source ramen was still surviving at a certain number of stores (Д °)

This time, I will introduce the shop which is comparatively easy to enter in the shop of the sauce ramen.

The place is located on the ground floor of “face”, Funabashi Ekimae building.


It’s a small shop with two tables and a counter that is less than ten seats, so it’s inevitable in the daytime.
We went in late morning so we put it without difficulty.


It should be a salt of the recommended
I came to eat sauce ramen

The soup of the salt ramen
Chicken Gala ton Knack seems to be based on the Qing-Yu,
How to Source ramen??


It’s finally noodles! (B _ B) plains?

Baked Cheese & Long leek
The other ingredients are two char siu, cabbage, and bean sprouts.
Because it is toasted, fragrant smell (^^)


The noodles were quite specific, and comparatively straight.

, The soup has a sour and spicy flavor of sauce,
Not noticeable.
It is a soup with a comparatively tromi.
I could go with peloli without discomfort.


The type of taste is similar to the soup grilled by Shiobara
The direction is completely different…

Select the smooth noodles to be safe.


The flower is a color and the sesame have worked pretty spicy (^^)
It was a thin noodle, too.


During the weekday lunch, the noodles are increased, rice, and a mini grilled pork bowl comes along. In addition, the woman seems to be able to select an almond tofu.

The Funabashi source ramen has been a lot of attention to the long-established petty of the old-fashioned, so it feels like a Chinese shop in the Showa, women and beginners might be more safe here…

Although there is not much custom to eat in the local

There are some differences, but we are dealing with the same products in several stores.
・ 1,000 yen or less
Noodles, rice bowl, or powder
It has already been recognized on the Internet.
Common banners and other tools are available to revived the city.

I set it without permission, “the condition of local B-class gourmet” because it meets the five items out of 12 items, it would not be too much to say that the only “local B-grade gourmet existing” in Funabashi for now…

Next to Katsuura-Tintin noodles and Takeoka ramen
As one of the three major ramen in Chiba,
It looks good to say so…

To do so, we must first become a product loved by the local people

This store group HP
↓ ↓

To B class gourmet ranking

Domestic Travel Rankings

To the local gourmet ranking

It’s delicious!

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