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Rice bowl and sashimi set at the seafood restaurant where the gag is bright @ Kamogawa-shi Kominato

Rice bowl & sashimi set at the seafood restaurant with a gag

The price might be exceeded only from the category of the B Class gourmet shop just Chotsu here.
It was a shop that was particularly impressive, let’s put it (^^)

… However, because the image that I recorded was lost, the image might not be transmitted so much

The shop is called “Good and Nice.”
It looks like a major store that is featured on TV…
For a beautiful image of the menu, please visit the store’s WEBSITE.
↓ ↓

As a local gourmet of Kamogawa city,
There is a “rice bowl”.

There is no definition about the form of cooking in this, and the form which comes out by the shop is various.

Most of the shops are seafood rice bowls and flyers sushi style,
The rice bowl here is a rice dish with rice snapper.
In other words, “Snapper”!!
It seems to be a small-minato product…
One of the purposes of this trip was to eat this!!

And the great thing about this store
Not only the food, but the customer service.

Rumors were heard but
It was a great anxiety to be able to follow the flow of this gag.

I stopped by the 24th of December, a few years ago…

You will be seated in the store

“It’s Christmas, but is it okay to come to this store with a couple?”

To…??? Σ (̄ ∇ ̄;)

The jab of the joke flew immediately.

Until the arrival of the dish, master, talking all the way

The style that comes with desultory talk to the dish,
It might be only here in the whole country.
I wonder if the consideration is not boring while waiting…??

My wife ordered a set of local B-Class gourmet “Namero Don” of Chiba, and the local B-class gourmet “rice bowl” of Kamogawa, respectively.
The shop says

“High town, double carb set”


It’s definitely not a difference between a double carb (^^)
While convincing, I laughed involuntarily

Cooking is a joke and it is serious.
The umbrella is pretty fashionable…

This double carb set = Snapper and Namero bowl SET @ 1300 yen. The menu seems to be very kominato

I ordered sashimi set @ 1100 yen


Sea bream, Namero, sashimi
Truly authentic taste.
It has entered the price range of a class A gourmet a little, and 2400 yen in two people,
It would be cheaper in Boso…

After that, it has passed in front of this shop many times for several years, and the store has disappeared and it was worried.

What has been rebuilt…
No wonder I didn’t notice it (^^;


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