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Ruriko Rakuji Temple (April 17, 2016)

Ruriko Rakuji Temple (April 17, 2016)

Number 1, after the visit and second, and I think the next number three,
The bus arrives at the No. 6 Rakuji Temple.

In the case of a bus tour, the temple is crowded or
There is such a thing in various circumstances.

Finish the order early. (^ ^;

The bus tour should be stopped if you concern in order to strike or reverse.

Address: Northwest-ji Temple No. 8, Kamimachi, Itano-gun, Tokushima
Sect: Shingon Sect Koyasan
Principal Image: Yakushi-Nyorai
Founded: (DEN) Hirohito 6 years (815)
Kaiki: (DEN) Hiroshidaishi
Fusistation: Sacred sites, Awa kitamine Yakushi Sacred Sites

In the old days, the temple area was scattered from the foothills of the Alishan to the current
It has come to the present through the gods separation decree of the Sengoku period and the Meiji Restoration.

Anraku-ji Temple is an historic landmark where the benefits of hot spring baths are conveyed by Kobo Daishi.
The mountain issue was made to the hot spring mountains.

In the Momoyama period, the Hachisuka of the Awa clan and the public
Pilgrimage Shikoku and the traveler’s lodging, I put the facilities of tea Bath entertainment.
Shukubo has a 400-year history.

In the age of the feudal clan, the snow cave where the family crest of Hachisuka House was permitted
The temple area was forbidden to be killing.

Thatched Roof’s height was donated by the Hachisuka public 250 years ago,
It is a plain, imposing wooden building.


View from the parking lot.

It is a long and soothing. (^ ^

Temple Gate

Ninwang Hall was erected on the left and right in 1998 at The Belfry Gate of Ryugu type.

[Statue of Niwang]

I thought it was still relatively new.
It was made by Meikei Matsumoto, a big Buddha in Kyoto.

The work of Matsumoto Meikei
It is not so cool in the Buddhist image appreciation. (^ ^;

It is said that the Buddha statue of 35 is enshrined in each mido in the Rakuji temple.



[Misfortune Reverse Pine]


The graceful tower was built in 1993.
The five Ji Buddha of Matsumoto Meikei’s work is enshrined.

The pilgrimage sand is buried in the outer platform.
You can take the sand of 88 places by circling.

There was no time to go around with a visit to the fullest.

The bus tour visits the main hall and the Daishido,
It is hectic because I go to the next temple.

Front Shrine

Main Hall

The face of the principal image can be seen by putting it unusually in the pilgrimage.

Ariki happy.

The statue of Yakushi Sanson and the twelve generals were enshrined.
Shooting is prohibited.


I put it in the place in a happy thing, too.

Filming is prohibited.

Stone Buddha

[Training Daishi]

Main Hall

[Sexual Spirit Lord]

The womb Mandala and the Kongo World Mandala were put, and the stone wall was called five brush Osho.
It is said that the book of various strokes of Hirohoudaishi is carved.

It is a dojo where the initiation is held, and it is a Manza temple.


It was built in the donated of the Hachisuka of the AWA Tokushima Lord in the Edo period,
It is said that it used to be a main hall before.

It is the height which feels the imposing, splendid, strong-ken.

[Stone of the Prince piece Bridge]


It is a little sober hall next to the main hall.

It was built by the donated of the Believers in 1997.
The Holy Kannon and the ten-sided Kannon Bodhisattva are enshrined.

[Red Seal]


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