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Seafood rice Bowl on the market!!! … The cafeteria in the Funabashi market in three years

Seafood rice Bowl on the market!!! … The cafeteria in the Funabashi market in three years

Recently, I’ve been writing only poor rice,
Just a normal article in this neighborhood.

The end of the year, the Fresh market
Among them, the type of market that the general public can put
It will be crowded–_-;)

Aside from whether it’s cheap or not,
Once again this time is worth a peek…

Cheaper things are not cheaper, but
I think there is a chance to get some unexpected things cheaply.

For those who can afford more money than me, I want to take a peek by all means.

So, if you went to the market,
Too good’ve got to experience the market meal.

By the thing, this time, the repo of the time I went to the cafeteria of the Funabashi market before after a long while…

The dining hall is such an atmosphere


I like this shop (^^)


Whenever you come, the market seems to be good atmosphere!!

It is saved that the menu is written in the table.


After a long time, I will splurge and order a seafood rice bowl!!

It is a contraindication in me exceeding 1000 yen, but
Sometimes it’s nice…


Here is a menu of the recommendation,
Handmade Asifly was sold out (T_T)

It’s really delicious here…
Shock de Kai

By the way, the image below is the one of the previous time.
Boiled, sashimi and horse mackerel fry were ordered by a set meal.
It was within 2,000 yen. (^^)


Since it is open in the early morning, it is better to go as soon as possible.
It’s a restaurant on the market. (^^)

It was like eating a late breakfast.

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