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Shin-Oyado Premier Kyoto Shijo Karasuma Store

Shin-Oyado Premier Kyoto Shijo Karasuma Store


This is a Safe Inn opened in Kyoto recently.

The room was very small and the hotel was very well located and the location was very good.


I will stay at the Daiwa Roynet Hotel or the Super hotel or APA hotel If I put the 4480 yen in the capsule hotel.


However, the facility is quite comfortable because it has a high sense of premium.





This time, I chose the day bathing plan (60 minutes) of 1080 yen which can use the best cheap bath.


The staff was very friendly and the room was clean.

Moreover, the lounge on the first floor was available on the 60-minute course (later examined), so I did not use the lounge after all a word was not explained.


It is very too good as I am a savor faction.


It was a limited time of 60 minutes, so the result was full of just enjoying the bath.







The Baths include indoor bath (white hot water), Mizukaru, mist sauna and open-air bath (carbonated spring).


I used it around 5 o’clock in the evening, but it was vacant. (Almost reserved)


It is not a natural hot spring, but it is quite happy just to have a carbonated spring of the population.

I can long hot water.


It’s only 60 minutes, so it’s a limited time.


Indoor Bath (2 minutes) → Open-air bath (20 minutes) → Mist sauna (10 minutes) → Mizukaru (3 minutes) → Washing place (10 minutes)


That was finished with Lou Teen…..


I wonder whether this time distribution is the limit because there are various time of changing clothes.



The rooms are very clean.





Shampoo, conditioner and body soap are also equipped with a little yes.

A variety of hair, such as mousse, gel, and wax, was placed on the razor with three blades and a toothbrush that seemed to be durable.

In addition, it is made by Dyson of the sticking to the dryer.


There is a sense of luxury in this area.





I have a sense of luxury, but I feel that one hour is absolutely short, so I thought that the two-hour course (1580 yen) or 6-hour course (2580 yen) would be good to use.

I will go to a different super Sento or capsule hotel if I have to pay for it.






The steam of the mist sauna is powerful, but it is regrettable that the interval that the steam exits like the geyser is long.


You will be able to use the male and female lounges on the second floor when more than two hours course.



Overall Rating 3.2
Price: 1080 yen (1 hour course)
Amenity shampoo, body soap, conditioner, rental towel, rental bath towel, shaving, toothbrush, hair mousse, hair wax, lotion, milky lotion
Facility Rest Area (Ubud Cafe), lounge

Service tea, Umeboshi, kelp

Attaching bath, open-air bath (population carbonated spring), Mizukaru, mist sauna
Spring Quality

Open 24 hours (except Mondays)

Bathing Day 2018/4/29


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