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Takarizudera Temple (Worship on April 8, 2018)

Takarizudera Temple (Worship on April 8, 2018)

The last day of worship is the temple of Hoizumiji Temple.

This is the first room cherry tree transplanted from the Heian-weeping cherry blossoms and Ninji temple,
Around the middle of April, there are about 20 cherry trees
The temple is held every year by Sakura Matsuri.

This year will be held on April 14 and 15,
Because it is a week earlier flowering than usual,
I expected that the cherry blossoms here were in full bloom.

Address: 15, Kyohoku Shimokuma-machi, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Sect: Shingon sect in Old school
Principal Image: The Bodhisattva of ten-sided Kansera
Founded: Nobufumi (1356)
Kaiki: The heart of a lotus person
The temple: The North Mulberry sacred Sites

The Castellan-ji temple, which is the root dojo of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism,
In the extremity of devastation, the situation of the person law both sever Doya ruin.

At once, the person of the sentence sense of the revival of the Godback temple is sent, and it walks as the Kangjin monk.
The road is very strict, and every three times it is punished.

However, I obtained the assistant edge of Shirakawa Joko and Minamoto Yoritomo,
The revival of the Godlike temple has been done for a lifetime.

At that time, there was a tower temple called Hosen-in in the rebuilt mountain,
This temple is the temple which became the source of the legend of the founding of the mountain by the person in the sentence Satoru.

In the Nanbokucho era (1356), the heart of the Lotus was the Temple of Hosen in the Temple of God.
He moved to Shimokuma Tamura, and principal image the ten-sided Kannon as the secret Buddha’s
The terissue was refounder with Hoizumiji Temple.

Since then, Hoizumiji temple has been a temple with a special spiritual trial
We gather the faith of the people.


Towards the right is the temple gate, and the left is the festival venue.

The car parked in the vacant lot.

Temple Gate

There were several free parking lots in front of the gate.

【 Daiji Temple 】

Amida-Dou was enshrined in the inner circle.

The one that was erected in 1996.

[Gokuraku Bridge]



Ming Dynasty steadfast was enshrined.

[Red Weeping Cherry Tree]

The cherry blossoms in front of the main hall were really beautiful.

It’s the best. (^ ^

[Training Daishi]


[Inside the main hall]

I asked for the Red Seal and raised it to the main hall.

Mixed blessing or mixed blessing or

【 Sand Tread Area 】

[Red Weeping Cherry Tree]

The main hall visits the temple and last the cherry blossoms in front of the main hall.

We are going to the Sakura Festival site soon.



There was a beautiful cherry blossom in the courtyard in front of the room.


【 Heian Weeping Sakura 】

More splendid cherry blossoms than in front of the main hall.

This is a great cherry blossom again. (^ ^

Since it was a week earlier than usual year after all,
I felt it was close to full bloom.

If it is this, the Sakura Festival will scatter by the 14th. (^ ^;


Now, I will enjoy the cherry blossoms more and more.

[Mibao Kotobuki Kannon Bodhisattva]

[Kimimi Jizo]

顏 ‘s kinda scary. (^ ^;

【 Heian Weeping Sakura 】

[Kannon Sakura]

This is also the level of cherry blossoms that impresses me. (^ ^

I didn’t know that the cherry blossoms in Takarizudera were so amazing.

It is rolled taking pictures and videos.

[Heavy red weeping cherry blossoms]

[Red Weeping Cherry Tree]

There are many cherry trees with no name yet,
Most of them feel close to the best season.

It’s still like a young cherry tree.

Oh, I’m already full stomach. (^ ^

It is attention only to famous temples of Kyoto city and Yoshino or cherry speaking,
There is a great cherry blossom in the temples of Kyokita which is not well known.

This was completely blind spot.

I’ll visit again next year.

In the square of the Shrine of the Temple or Cherry Blossom festival,
There is still plenty of room to plant a lot of cherry blossoms.

In the form of dedication from supporters-san and cherry-lover people,
I think that it will be more amazing in ten or twenty years if you plant a lot of wakaki of cherry blossoms.

Many more people will visit this temple.

[Red Seal]

Rhododendron reticulatum

Azalea from the paid parking lot at Yamamoto Shokudo near Nishimeiji temple in Kaohsiung.

I saw this in the morning, but it took precedence over the cherry blossoms and shrine temples,
I was going to take a leisurely look back.

The clumps spread over Maki’s tail mountain are too great to lose their voices.

The clumps of azaleas of this magnitude are Japan nationwide.
I think it’s rare.

The beautiful view of the Azalea actually seen with these eyes
This photo was 100 times beautiful and impressive. (^ ^

I can assure you of this.

I want to watch it before I die.<!–


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