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The 240th: Stone Mountain Castle (considered one of the North Korean sending troops front base)

The 240th: Stone Mountain Castle (considered one of the North Korean sending troops front base)

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Stone FortressThe castle was in Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture.
Currently, it is built on the 190 m Stone MountainIshiyama Forest ParkBut we do not know the detailed history. From the situation of the location and the ruinsHideyoshi ToyotomiOfSending troops (the role of Bunroku-Keicho)It is thought that it was built as a base at the forefront when. In ancient times,Niya isThere is aSakimoriIt is said that it was defended.

結石山城/遠景  結石山城/駐車場
[Left] stone fortress seen through Oura Bay.
You can stop the car in the park parking lot right.

This is an excerpt from the Guide board. It seems to consist of the main Guo and two Guo (2 inflection wheel) greatly.

結石山城/登山道  結石山城/二郭横
Left: The parking lot will reach the center without climbing that much.
RightTwo GuoGo on the side.

結石山城/石垣 結石山城/曲輪か?
[Left] in the second enclosure as there is also in the Guide boardIshigakiAre left.
The part which jutting out of the south side of two Guo was also artificially cut-flat, and there is a possibility that it was a melody like the sight.

結石山城/二郭  結石山城/主郭へ
LeftTwo GuoInside state.
Right: climb to the main enclosure.

結石山城/主郭  結石山城/礎石
LeftMain Guo. The weather was bad and the view was not very good.
RightMain GuoIn the medieval castle is a valuable surveyCornerstone Building TracesHas been detected.

It seems to have been a castle to prepare for the foreign enemy as a base of the Korean sending troops at the northern end of Tsushima with the firing fortress located across the bay. Because of the bad weather, there was no one, and I felt very lonely in the end.

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