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The 250th: [Chikugo] Fukushima Castle (it was an important castle of Yanagawa Castle)

The 250th: [Chikugo] Fukushima Castle (it was an important castle of Yanagawa Castle)

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Fukushima CastleIs a castle in Yame city, Fukuoka Prefecture.
1587Mt. ShimojoWas based onChikushi HiromonIt is said that the castle was built by.
The Battle of SekigaharaWent into Chikugo afterYoshimasa TanakaBe based onYanagawa CastleWas renovated and maintained as a castle, and played an important role as an East retainer, with 30000 stonesYasumasa TanakaWas admission.
He is a child of Yoshisei in 1620.Tanaka Tadamasa, Fukushima Castle became a deserted castle.

[筑後]福島城/八女公園  [筑後]福島城/市民会館
【 Right and left 】 Fukushima castle at its heydayTriple MoatThe vast area of the castle, but most of it has disappeared due to housing. CurrentYame ParkAnd across the roadYame Civic CenterNear byHonmaruIt seems to have been a place to hit.

There is a little remnant of the castle in Yame Park.Tower units, excavationIt is introduced in the expression.

[筑後]福島城/櫓台  [筑後]福島城/櫓台の上
[Left] this isTower StandAnd will be sat.
[Right] the state on the tower stand. There might have been a shrine or a temple.

[筑後]福島城/櫓台より  [筑後]福島城/掘割
Left: It is a view from the top of the tower stand, and it is understood that it is completely made a housing lot.
[Right] it was introduced to the excavation.Moat TrailBut I think that there was actually an area with a waterway running sideways.

[筑後]福島城/堀の続き  [筑後]福島城/市役所
Left: The waterway continues on the other side of the road.HoriIt is like the remnant of.
RightYame City HallWhere isNinomaruWas.

It is a guide map of the town of Yame City Fukushima which was in City Hall.
You can see that the moat of the Fukushima castle, where there is a triple moat, is a waterway and traces the trace.

[筑後]福島城/外堀跡  [筑後]福島城/福島八幡宮
Left: One of the waterways that runs through the city.SotoboriMatch the position of the.
RightFukushima Hachimangu ShrineIs designated as a national designated important Intangible folk cultural PropertyYame Fukushima Doro DollsIs known as the shrine to be dedicated, but located at the southeastern end of the castle area.

South of the Fukushima Hachimangu shrineCulture PondIsSotoboriIt is thought that it was used as it is on an extension line, but the width is wide, and I felt that the atmosphere of the castle was left most.

Although it seems to have boasted of a vast castle area before, it is drunk by the wave of the modernization and there is no image.
How about looking for traces that remain slightly, such as a waterway that has been built around town?

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