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The House of Growth Uji exceptional Motoyama Takarura Shrine (October 7, 2017)

The House of Growth Uji exceptional Motoyama Takarura Shrine (October 7, 2017)

In Uji, Mimuroto Temple of the World Heritage Site, Uji-Gami shrine and West Country
There are very famous temples and shrines, but this time it is a highly conscious type of gomala.

I do not go to such a major place. Lol

In Uji, there is the Takarura shrine which is the exceptional motoyama of the growing house.

The House of growth is a newly established religion founded by President Masaharu Taniguchi in 1930.
There are many things that are not good reputation on the net,
I don’t know the actual place.

However, in order to worship here after all,
I was worried about whether to visit.

It is good if you let me worship freely,
It is unpleasant when compelled to did they come.

Because it is that the worship can be free if you look,
I decided to never visit.

As a result, it became a very careful and tired visit. (^ ^;

Address: 32 Rivers of Uji Tower, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture
Enshrined: The House of Growth Oogami, the Great Power Lord, Kansera Bodhisattva, Jizo Daisatsu, Amida Buddha
Founded: Showa 35 (1960)

Principal image The Holy Spirit is the House of growth.

And the sacred mission of the Holy Spirit Shrine, which is a ritual
The spirit of the Mission of the Holy Spirit is enshrined as a member of the spirituality, general spirit tiles, ancestral spirits, and abortion children.

In the precincts, Takarura Shrine, Shin-Enari dojo, God-healed company in Ryumiya Yusai, Suichi Inari Shrine,
There are a national miscarriage Memorial Tower, a natural disaster memorial Tower, a spirit evocation shrine, etc.

In the training dojo, the Divinity Development workshop to learn the truth in the form
Are being held every month.

Uji exceptional Motoyama with Takarura Shrine is seen from the whole of the Growth house,
It is between the Buddha and the temple, and the center of the ancestral memorial.

The total temple is the home of the growth house in Saikai City, Nagasaki Prefecture, and Ryugu Sumiyoshi Hongu.

[Guide Board]

There is a two-place entrance from the road along the Uji River
There is an entrance to the underground parking lot.

Because the underground parking lot is truly scary,
It invades the precincts from the entrance called the above-do approach. (^ ^;

There was a free parking lot like a big square when I progressed fearfully.

Can I park here? It got off from the car while thinking.

I’ve already entered the precincts of the newly emerging religious growth house. (^ ^;

[Middle Auditorium]

It was not put here or it was not opened.

[National Abortion Memorial Tower]

[Takarura Shrine Front shrine]


The architectural style of the late Fujiwara and the Shinto, Buddhist and Christian
It seems to harmonize the three architectural styles.

There was a believer before the big front shrine.
I’m afraid I wouldn’t have seemed suspicious to anyone. (^ ^;

For now, let’s go inside or not.

It enters in a large front shrine fearfully because it puts inside.

Because it is scary, it is softly at the back. (^ ^;

The Dunchi is wide.

It seems to be called priest and the god Maihime (Miko) here.

Behind the three, there were about twenty believers.

Come to the memorial for the Holy Spirit which falls on the anniversary of Shomon
To do the celebration with the worshippers,
It is a memorial festival of the Sacred Mission Bodhisattva Shomon anniversary.

This was a completely shinto form.

Well, I flee early because it is full of out of place feeling.

There was a awarding place on the first floor selling amulets and straps, etc.

Of course, it does not stop. Lol

Stone Buddha

[Takarura Shrine Front shrine]

Main shrine

This is like the main shrine.

【 Genie Evocation Shrine 】

I was enshrined in the back of the main hall.

【 思hazare Stone 】

It is a completely shrine form.

No, I don’t remember seeing 思hazare stone at the temple.

I don’t know what to do.


This is like the torii of the spirit evocation shrine.


I did not know whether to go by car, ryumiya approach of the slope
There is a lot of distance and I went by car on the slope of Tsulai. Lol

Camel Spider

I think that you can enjoy the time of the autumn leaves.

Nishikigoi was swimming gracefully in the pond. (^ ^


Actually, you don’t have to go through that pot bridge.
There is a torii along the approach, and it is as soon as the stone steps climb.

【 Suichi Inari Shrine 】

The main shrine is small in dividing the size of the Torii.

The 45th anniversary of the Rikkyo Shrine was senza from the governor’s mansion to Uji exceptional Motoyama.


I could park my car in front of the square.

You can see a big building in the back of the approach.

If you come this far, you have no choice but to go.

[God-healed company entering Ryumiya Yusai]

This is also a big building.

The car seems to be coming here.

The one that was erected in 1971.

I’m checking to see if I dunchi…

It seems to put it from here.

I have no choice but to go.

Go inside and take off your shoes and climb up on the stairs.

By the way, there was a staff on the first floor.

There is also a typesetting room and can be photosutra.

It is unusual to have a sutra at a shrine.

Well, because the House of growth is a religion that unites various religions and philosophies,
This is a natural thing, too.

It was such a room when going up to the top.

It seems that this is a place where the soul is calmed down and the god Sou which unites with God is strictly.

It is the same as the shrine’s company.

There was no one here, so I came close to here.

However, there is a feeling of tension in the feeling of trespassing. (^ ^;

Amaterasu daisacred, Sumiyoshi Oogami, it seems to be enshrined in the salt vertebra oogami.


It is said that it will be in service for ten years.

At first I thought it was a ossuary hall. (^ ^;

[Advertisement sign]

Phew, this is the end of the visit of tension.

I went where you can visit,
I was not able to go to the new training dojo.

Later, I found out that the shrine, rather than the whole temple treasure Kura,
It is a feeling that there is a Takarura shrine as the center of exceptional Motoyama.

It’s been a long time since the visit was so tense.

I was wondering if you could come in here without permission,
I thought I might be compelled to did they come. (^ ^;

But, the visit seems to be a free welcome posture.

The new religion is compelled to did they come,
There is a scary image because it is necessary to make expensive offerings.

The negative part of the house of this growth seems to have no feeling.
Actually, I don’t know.

Because the worship is free for the time being,
If you are interested, please.

It is up to you whether or not to did they come. Lol

There is no red seal by the way,
There is a pretty great stamp. Wry smile<!–


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