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The overwhelming sense of stability… But is this one cool? Review the anime version “Drifters”!

The overwhelming sense of stability… But is this one cool? Review the anime version “Drifters”!



The overwhelming sense of stability… But is this one cool? Review the anime version “Drifters”!



DRIFTERS 第1巻〈通常版〉 [Blu-ray]

Date of presentation October 2016-December 2016
Original Kota Hirano
Official HP Http://

In the Battle of Sekigahara, Shimadzu warlords and Toyohisa Shimazu are suddenly summoned to a different world.
In this world where there are no guns, elves, dwarves, and other mysterious people, he encounters Oda Nobunaga and Nasu no Yoichi, who have washed up over the ages.
And, in cooperation with the elf who was oppressed by man, “the country is started to be stolen”.


Number of evaluation: 81 POINTS ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆(Ryosaku)


※ Does not include spoilers


Good tempo, sense of stability of the masterpiece. But…

If you say a word about this work,

“It’s fun to breathe.”

What is the expression?

The drawing, scenario, BGM and all are aligned at a high level, and the disadvantage seems to be almost missing.
Moreover, the tempo of the talk is good anyway, and it is possible to finish all 12 episodes easily.
This work is interesting enough at the time of the original, but it should be called the elite staff, including Hideyuki Kurata, the anime version is also a good work to equally the original.



, But it seems.



I do not have to quit the middle of the story at all!? Σ (Д °)



Clearly speaking, it is not a story that unfolds in all 12 episodes.
The person who appeared in the OP, really “showed only a little face (‘ ω ‘)” about the character is not a few.
The second phase seems to be underway, but the specific broadcast time at the end of the first period is undecided at all.
It’s just funny, it’s an outrageous animated animation (laughs)


The sense of speed of development if you say greed…

Basically “my feelings Kore was interesting. It’s a my feelings anime, but…….


Still, if there is dissatisfaction about the story, is the point “deployment is a little too early”?

How does the genius of the dilution named Nobunaga take the world?
The leap in the end of the story is a little one-legged feeling though it expects the growth tan which put the foot on the ground and it sees.

Revived the country as small as that.
It is not so simple though it is a fact that it is a new country and the story which lies ahead.
There is money to fight, and there is a military feed, too.
It is the one that the nation becomes powerful by revived the commerce, managing the distribution, and obtaining a huge goods power which becomes a back shield.

The description of the area is thin in this work.
The reason is that the story leaps at a dash in the place said that it will enter such “country making” in the future.
Well it’s a good story… Or rather, because it is presumed that it would be a big clash of Dorov VS. Ends of this work really want to do, it might be no choice to omit this country making part.
However, this is already a super personal opinion, what I really wanted to see is that the genius Oda Nobunaga to do what “country stealing” against the military powers of Orte, because it was the serious depiction, there was a feeling of regret was fine W


To tell the truth, I think I did not need to ends W


Entertainment thrilling

Another thing, if you say about this work, this work to the last,

“Thrilling Entertainment”

Although the profound feeling of “country stealing” which went ahead is so, basically, it is a story that Driff is rampaging, and the rival named Strong ends is a story which rampages, too.
It is a brilliant activity of heroes, but it is thin in the plus alpha element to put it into a life-size point of view.

It is an animation to enjoy “an amazing person plays an active part”, and there is no color of “growth tan with 憂悶 and agony” there. Rather, there is no character to grow tan.
Because the story proceeds as the ordinary absence, the degree of empathy is thin.

The only ordinary part of the world will be olemune, but she’s not even an ordinary girl.
It was the thrusting role rather than the ordinary role.

For example, to treat one elf as a sub-hero, and learn about the fight from Driff… I think that the enhancement of the story was different if it was possible to put such a growth tan.
However, it is also true that this assertion is only a part of the possibility because it can be an element which inhibits “light feeling” of this work oppositely.


So the second term is

It’s a supplement, but I think the way Oda Nobunaga is drawn is a very good animation.
As a Japanese who can fight with heroes of the world, the cast was selected Oda Nobunaga “This is the only! It is a feeling.



The second term is (‘ ω ‘)


That is, it will be the best impression after viewing W
If you are still not watching, you may want to look at the second period.
I’m undecided at this time.

I say it many times, but I’m in trouble only funny (^ ^;


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