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Ueno Local B-Class gourmet??? Ameyoko-Yaki “@ Ueno Okachimachi

Ueno Local B-Class gourmet??? Ameyoko-Yaki “@ Ueno Okachimachi

From the area where there is a cut fruit shop of Ameyoko,
In a place that is a little advanced in the direction of Okachimachi,
There was a food stall of Ameyoko ware which seemed to be famous.


This stall seems not to be out every day,
Lucky to see you…

I won’t miss this opportunity!! Let’s buy it immediately (^^)

200 yen per sheet. The size of a little bigger than the large-format baking.

The taste is a soft boiled egg of Osaka yaki… .


Let’s stir a little and eat.
In addition the egg will become a mass just a good feeling.

I do not feel like a powder or Choi,
If you think this is individuality, there is no problem…


Debris deliciousness can’t gauge
The taste of the stand of the Showa era which is nostalgic feeling old.

The era is over, and next year it seems to be a new era.
I hope that such C-class gourmet will survive even in the new era…

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