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Cheap and sober, it goodness!? Anime “Normal School girls” I tried. Reviews

Cheap and sober, it goodness!? Anime “Normal School girls” I tried. Reviews



Cheap and sober, it goodness!? Anime “Normal School girls” I tried. Reviews


普通の女子校生が【ろこどる】やってみた。Vol.7(初回生産版) (イベント参加優先申込券付き) [Blu-ray]

Broadcast time Jul. 2014-Sep. 2014 (12 episodes)
Original Kotaro Kosugi
Official site Http://

Nanako Usami, a normal schoolgirl living in a rural small city, Shigawa City, started a part-time job of 1,000 yen per hour asked by his uncle at the city Hall to buy a new swimsuit. It was an appearance as the idol which PROMOTED the Rugawa city in fact, and “It is a thing” as for the uncle to help a simple event in the story. Nanako who has received work in what kettle and the senior of the style removal and the kohinata edge in the beautiful woman will act as the Rugawa girls in the Rugawa city.

Evaluation score: 70 POINTS ★ ★ ★ ☆ Honorable Mention

The world of “it is good to be sober” oppositely

First of all, there is no high quality live scene like “Love Live” or “Idol Master” in this anime.
There is not a strong character like the lump of individuality.

If it’s an ordinary idol anime, all these elements are negative.
However, only this animation becomes a positive element.

It’s just this anime that feels like the budget is running out of the screen and makes it feel good.

The idea of reversal using the budget shortage

The reason for this is that this anime is not an idol anime, but an animation of “Doko”.

The protagonists are not top idols, but local idols.

The local likeness of the local idol, the cheapness of the screen is showing me effectively.

The best feature of this anime is that it incorporates the low budget and cheapness into the creation of a world view of the work.

Personally, I feel I want to give you about sixty points just by the good performance of this production.


I didn’t think anything in particular, I thought it was a normal character.

The main character of this work, Usami Nanako is a normal schoolgirl as the title.

He did not have a strong longing for idol.

When I was in elementary school, I wrote, “I want to be an idol,” but I have not thought of such a thing in high school today.

The chance to become an idol is hung on a high hourly rate of 1000 yen, and it only appeared to the event in the citizens pool without a break.

What I did on the first stage was a little gdgd talk and a local song.

It is the content which is not thought to be a very hero’s debut stage.

She is neither a dancer nor a miracle singer, nor can she have a sense of a talk.

It is a schoolgirl who is serious, and is just a little goofy.

In the first episode, there was no place to think about this hero. He had a rather bitter laugh and had a negative feeling about a typical normal hero.


However, as we continue to watch, it seems pretty fast.

And at the end of the story, she was totally a fan of herself (laughs)

This character is totally sober, so far dear seems to make the world view that these characters are accepted, and the reason is that the script and the composition that I made firmly on that are planned.


I do not float a character, the world view and production that was made firmly

As a feature of this animation, in addition to the cheap of the screen described above, it will be given a relaxed atmosphere.

If you look at the first episode, the tempo of this anime is not so fast.

But this gradual tempo makes the characters completely familiar to the world.

There is no non-mundane event like the battle that controls the fate of the world in this story.

A non-daily event is an activity as “Doko”, but the stage is a shopping street, a department store, and a nearby riverbed where the main characters were stopping. I hardly feel the non-daily feeling.

Therefore, this animation does not feel discomfort even in the tempo like the daily system.

Because it is in the view of the world of this everyday system, very ordinary high school girls are approved as anime characters, and we can also import emotions.


Delve into the characters with a polite screenplay

One story on such a foundation carefully delves into each character.

To describe the characteristics of the character clearly, while entangled the problems and worries of each person with other characters, to solve, and to grow.

In addition, as the story progresses, the characters are gradually increasing in addition to the two.

In the school, while being a senior in the entertainment world is a person in the character of the junior, and actually the main character of the hero who (somewhat stalker) manager and the like.

This is also a unique and attractive character to the extent that it does not break the atmosphere of the work.

Negotiation by this new character, the charm of the character overflows further.

It is really regrettable to cut it because it is not attached to the character at the stage of one story.

Without the individuality that can be described in about four characters, such as the Tenprelanvechara, I think that the attractive depiction of the character in the story is actually quite high level.

The screen and directing are felt cheap, but the screenplay and composition is very good.


The story of growth as a “Doko”

And the big difference between this anime and the usual anime is that there is a growth story as a “Doko”.

To be honest, the story begins with an idle element, and the element “the rub” is considerably thin.

However, the growth story as the hero’s “This Thing” starts in earnest from the live scene of the third story.

It’s really faint, but as a “local” idol, they begin to show how they are going to become “Dako”.

However, there is not an explosive interest. This live scene is still sober compared to other idol animation.

It is not good to compliment the song by shaking the body a little even if it dances.

However, it is a live scene that clearly expresses the view of the world of this work, and can say the name scene after seeing to the end.


It is not a situation of idle in the hometown from the beginning even if it is said, “It is this”.

There was little recognition in the hometown, and the hero seemed not to know even if it told the friend to be friends.

However, I will do the work that was given steadily even among such.

Of course, because it is local even say work, and the food report of the confectionery shop of the shopping street, propaganda of the Bee’s Nest extermination Company, to inform from the city just a little at the end of local news, just like a local feeling.

In addition, the means of transportation to the interview destination or walk, and the three take is natural, the depiction to increase the local likeness comes in.


However, the recognition level in the hometown goes up though it is only a little while doing such work seriously.

Though she is a little girl, she has a first fixed fan.

In addition, the main character who was Tajitaji at first will be able to act smoothly as “it is a thing”.

Of course she is an amateur, so there are small accidents such as chewing lines, but it also makes the character’s charm and “local” ooze, creating the atmosphere of the work.

It is carefully described how it is recognized by the local person, and it is loved by the “Dako” of the Rugawa city, and the Rukawa girls in the town though it is a little each time the story number is piled up.

Because they are able to emotionally populate the characters, the impression grows even in such a small growth.


This is why we are so close.

And unlike other idol anime, this anime is very close to the presence of their idols by directing them to feel the “local” described above.

This sense of distance really makes me want to support them.

The joy to their being admitted is not extraordinary because it really supports the Salikawa girls heartily.


The perfect final times. The perfect live scene.

And if you notice, the final time you’re greeted. The live scene of this final inning is really great.

There is not a dramatic rendition or a phenomenal drawing.

If you look at this scene without knowing anything, you might think, “it’s sober.”

But at first, if I had not even a song, a dance, or a costume, and had seen the activities of the people who were not known to them, they would wear idol-like costumes and sing and dance their songs on a splendid stage as idols, You can’t be impressed.

Of course there are also local episodes where the costumes were not as usual because of the lack of budget that their managers handcrafted in their pots.

And at the very end, they are not idols, but episodes that show that they are not idle.


This anime evaluation has risen greatly in this final inning.

I think that it was a really wonderful final time to show the culmination of what I had drawn with one cool, while there were not a few works that ended up in the cutting marks without being able to complete.


Really, I want you to see until the end to think that was cheated!!

It was a disadvantage of this work, I would feel the aforementioned accumulated. The tempo is bad if it says honestly though this is greatly useful in the creation of the world view.

Especially at the beginning, there is no gag like this, and because the character is not felt attractive, it might be thought that it is painful to see.

This work is not flashy fun because it is an animation to become fond of the character with Jiwari Jiwari while seeing. It is understood that a lot of people cut by one story and two stories.

If possible, I want you to try hard to see the three stories. It seems to be thought that it becomes interesting dramatically by writing so, but it is not so.

The reason is to think that it is three stories that the movement starts out in the talk. If you want to be honest, shut up and watch the end! I want to say (laughs)

Because I think that it is not an animation which puts the burden to look at atmosphere, I want you to watch it for the time being without expecting anything.

If you notice, you should be playing the final live scene as a fan of the Rukawa Girls Repeat (laughs)

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