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‘ Dondoko ‘ Zenpukuji Daishi (worship on January 21, 2017)

‘ Dondoko ‘ Zenpukuji Daishi (worship on January 21, 2017)

Today, we have a band live in the Kyocera Dome.

I want to go straight to Kyocera Dome.
Because it is a trouble, I want to do the shrine tour near the dome and check it.

I want to visit temples and shrines even at times like this.
I am an superstars, and I am sick. Wry smile

However, the population of Osaka Nishi-ku is small in the Edo period.
There was not a powerful temple and shrine along with it either.

In the Second World War, eighty percent of the West Ward was destroyed.
There is no one famous temples and shrines today.

I thought the Kyocera Dome straight from my home as this,
I checked it lightly to visit the Tennoji neighborhood a little further away.

I wanted to go from the front of the temple of Sanada Yukimura, which is near the Shodaiji temple,
It is that there is a large prajna reading law meeting at the temple named Zenpukuji,
First of all, it is a visit to Zenpukuji.

Address: No. 10 No. 19, Kubori-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka
Sect: Shingon Sect Koyasan
Principal Image: Hirohodaishi
Kaiki: Prince Shotoku
Founded: Unknown
Zhongxing Year: Houkame 9 (778)
Nakaoki: Prince Kaisei
Fusatin: Settsu 88 Locations Sacred Sites

The temple of Sudaiji in the Koyasan Shingon sect Light Temple in Toyonoh town, Toyonoh-gun, Osaka Prefecture.
According to the legend, the Prince Shotoku was opened in the Edict of the emperor of the Propeller,
The details of Nakoki’s nine-year-treasure Tortoise (778) are not known according to Prince Kaisei.

Cathedral have vast precincts and say there were many monks.
Principal image Yakushi-Nyorai, Nikko Bodhisattva Moonlight Bodhisattva, Twelve God Generals, was placed in Zushi,
It was of the Prince Shotoku image that there was a spiritual trial in the rainfall.

For the imperial Court of the “Ogen Boar mochi” in the second year (1593)
The temple luck has been made to the bottom and it has flourished.

In the Meiji era, the imperial Court of “Ogen Boar mochi” was stopped in 1870.
As a result, the Kakamochi role was abolished, the return of the place etc. were ordered, and the economic base was lost.

There was a time when the temple luck was decadent in the Hai Shac in the Meiji period,
As the pilgrimage site of the “Daishi Tour” and “Namihana Daishi Tour” of the Pilgrimage of the Hirohodaishi faith in Osaka
It was bustling with many worshippers, and it was one of the bases of the temple of the Hiroshidaishi faith in Osaka.

Currently, the Zenpukuji is in the position of the Kagami-an Daishido (Kagami-ji, aka: ‘ Dondoko ‘-Daishi)
There was a temple called, in the Meiji period to the deserted temple.
Then, on January 9, 1909, we moved to the ruins of the Kagami-an daishido.

The main hall, the temple, and the principal image, etc. were burnt down by the air raid on June 1, 1945.
After that, the reconstruction of the main hall was gradually restored to the present.

【 ‘ Dondoko ‘ Daishi 】
‘ Dondoko ‘ is the position of Oidono Doi, who had faith in Hirohodaishi in the Daisakashiro period of the Tenpo year
“Doi Dono” is an accent, and principal image’s Hiroshidaishi
It is said that it is called by this name.

It is the person who cooperated in the reform of the Tenpo of Tadatuni Mizuno in the shogunate.

Temple Gate

There was no parking,
It was OK to park on the wall of the temple.

I think we’re talking to the police.

[Bow, vine mother and child image]

The appearance of Kabuki “The place of the Naruto ‘ Dondoko ‘ ou daishi Zen of the Leaning Castle Awa”
It is a mother and child of this bow and the vine.

‘ Dondoko ‘ Daishi Zenpukuji, the 100th anniversary of the creation of
It was built in 2009 in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Katsuto Jizo-son.

Main Hall

The second floor that went up the stairs becomes the main hall.

In the fair of this year’s first Daishi, when I entered the main hall,
The temple is full of worshippers who try to get merit at the large prajna.

There were a lot of local people in old and young who visited the shrine.

I was allowed to participate until diligently at the start from 14:00.

There were eleven monks, and it was a dense dharma. (^ ^

There will be a good thing surely because of the blessing of Hirohoudaishi.

The inside of the Domi was taken OK, but it stopped because there were a lot of people indeed.

Stone Buddha

They were enshrined in many ways.


It is the training daishi of the atmosphere that I have never seen before.

It is unusual for a hat to have in the hand instead of the head.

[Katsuto Jizo]

At the time of the large prajna, the stoking was being made in front of this.

In 1907, he was wounded in action to mourn the Russo-Japanese.

I used to have no roof.
The roof was made before one is ready. (^ ^

The Law of the Universe

I really think so.

If I do a little bad thing,
I don’t do bad things because I have to punish them right away. Lol

[Red Seal]

The lady in the main hall,
It is a very dynamic ink writing. (^ ^

Rather than bad, I write to break the character dare.

It was very good to be able to participate in the large prajna.
I wonderful world the smell of incense on my clothes. (^ ^;<!–


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