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Hirabayashi Temple (May 10, 2015)

Hirabayashi Temple (May 10, 2015)

We found the company of Benzaiten before arriving at the Takarazuka shrine to visit next.

This was also a shrine to the Takarazuka Shrine.
But in fact, it’s like a benzaiten of a temple.

Address: 4-7 Takarazuka-cho, Hyogo
Denomination: Shingon Sect
Principal Image: Buddha
Founded: The age of the Asuka era
Kaiki: Den-Prince Shotoku
Imperial Application: Emperor Ming
Temple: Settsu Sacred Sites, Settsu country, 88 places sacred Sites

According to the legend, the Prince Shotoku is established as one of the seven great temples of Settsu,
It is reported that it was Ohsawa by the nun who ranged to the edge of Hirohoudaishi in the Heian era.

From the fact that there is a masonry machine that is presumed to be in the Kamakura period,
It is looked that it had been erected in the Kamakura period.

The principal image Buddha statue is made in the Muromachi period.

The era is past the end of the Warring States Period, Tensho 6 years (1575),
Lord Araki Murashige of Arioka flips to Mr. Mori to betray Oda Nobunaga,
For fear of being used by the Fort Hirabayashi in the coming attack of Nobunaga,
All the temples Ilsan the fire and burnt.

At this time, the monks and the Danites in the Hirabayashi Terayama combined their forces into ten-sided Kannon,
From Hellfire secretly, each Buddha statue of Yakushi-Nyorai, principal image Buddha, and the Four Kings
I was able to get away from the Dharma accident by enshrined in the Buddha Valley near the current prefectural Takarazuka High School.
This Buddha is now being told.

From Keicho to Kan’ei in the Edo period before long,
A part of the main hall, dō, Yakushido and Yamauchi temples which are currently seen has been rebuilt.

It was a long time in the tower in Baoju-in, fulfillment house, Fufuku-in, Rijo-in, and it was five temples of Nishihikari-in
Now it has been four temples since the institute relocated to Higashinada-ku, Kobe City.



Because there are some temples next to this land warehouse temple,
Let’s go.


It seems to be the head of the Hirabayashi temple.

It is a close and difficult atmosphere that tends to be in the tower head.


This is a good open atmosphere. (^ ^

【 Fulfillment Academy 】


There were four heads.

There seems to be a main hall of the Hirabayashi temple in the place beyond the railroad tracks.

[Training Daishi statue]

Mr. Daishi welcomes you.

Main Hall

This is the main hall of the Hirabayashi temple.

It is possible to park the car came here.
I parked in the private parking lot of the worshippers of Narfuku-in.

Principal image, the statue of the four kings was enshrined.

It was not possible to enter the
It was good just to see the inside.

[Ming Dynasty Fudo]


[Treasure 亮h Mark Tower]



The character of Lotus Sutra of the Nanunmyodo method is why.

I did not understand what was enshrined even if I looked inside.

Stone Buddha

Just a lonely atmosphere here.

It is scary when seeing at night like. (^ ^;

[Treasure 亮h Mark Tower]

[Masonry Tsuroto]

[Red Seal]
I found the information board of the announcement when declared was closed and had given up.

Thank you for your head. (^ ^

We had the atmosphere of the most easy to enter in Nishihikari-in.

Like showing the atmosphere of the temple,
It was a wife who seemed to be favorable. (^ ^<!–


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