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“Indigo Orchid Island” is a review! Something is missing mediocre slapstick love comedy…

“Indigo Orchid Island” is a review! Something is missing mediocre slapstick love comedy…



“Indigo Orchid Island” is a review! Something is missing mediocre slapstick love comedy…


ながされて藍蘭島 其之壱 (通常版) [DVD]

Broadcast time April 2007-September 2007
Original Takeshi Fujishiro
Official HP Http://

The Boy and the Oriental Academy Kojin (14) who had a fight with the father and ran away by momentum inadvertently fell from the passenger ship. The island “Indigo Orchid Island” which arrived at the end where it was caught in the storm, and was drunk by the big wave was not able to escape, and was only an island of the woman!?
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Evaluation SCORE:★ ★ ☆ ☆ 65 points (Shing)

※ Does not include spoilers


“Safe” animation that depends on character design

The main heroine is a tin-led, I think the anime is aligned pretty characters.
The majority of the heroine in particular kimono (? There is also a personality that is, I think that there is something that sticks quite a lot of people who like the direction. Me or lol

But, if you think of it as a work, it is not something that you can praise with “funny”.


Without any elements that were penetrated…

“What makes this work different from other romantic comedy? If you ask, you will be at a loss for the answer.

There are various elements as the heroine boiled surf clam the stage setting or the animal talking.
However, when the story of the quality of the entire work is not that of such a branch, is it possible to say that there is a clear individuality?


Love comedy is interesting.
I love slapstick love comedy.
However, it is not interesting that the appearance that the girls are making noise.

An interesting slapstick comedy is something that has its own trident.


The perfection of the character is never low, but…

This is just the so-called

[Hero Spree popular in the mystery is surrounded by a non-personality ten-pre-lewd character]

Never in such a low-quality work that drew.
The character’s seasoning is done neatly, and it is good to say that perfection is considerably high.
In addition, the correlation between the female characters have also been drawn neatly (manzai meaning? W), it’s not just a harem anime.

What was insufficient in such a meaning though it was a slapstick romantic comedy of the Orthodox sect, and the perfection was never low.


If you think about the production of anime, there is a feeling that the two cool configuration is the enemy.

Frankly, the tempo is bad.
In the first place there is no content in every episode, but it is laid slowly and carefully drawn.
It will be a completely different impression if it makes it to the development of the high spirits that an ovaca girl rapid an episode to the story without distinction of amusing interesting.

It might have made each story “usual” only because the composition of each story of the original was never bad.
It has become the current state to fall into the trap of no individuality only in this work though it is a point which should be originally evaluated though the serious making which included Harlem and the gag in the maintenance is maintained.
It is not necessary to break the episode separately, but I think that I should have developed the story of each individual more consciously of the sense of speed and “Zubusaba”.


May I follow the love story?

As a very personal opinion, I think it’s a good idea to focus more on the relationship between the main heroine, tin. I think.

There is a drawback that it is difficult to develop in the development with shyness because the chastity idea is thin in tin to begin with.
However, I think that it was also good to focus on a small change in the relation with the tin and various passing which accompanied there because it was an obvious development “who is the main heroine” this much.

I’m also reading the original (halfway) mouth, but the focus on the feelings of tin is clearly interesting times.
Of course, there will also be circumstances of adults that the series does not continue to focus on the feelings of the main heroine so much…… W
Because it is a story of the mountain field that the feelings of the main heroine moves, it is interesting and it is attariae (sweat)


Shing, but orthodox slapstick love comedy

I wrote a lot.

But what I want to evaluate most is that this is a so-called “orthodox slapstick love comedy.”
Moreover, all levels, such as the construction of the world view and the composition of the character, are stable above average.
And this is an important point, but the hero has no “annoying”. I think it’s a very good character.

It might be a work stuck to the person who likes the slapstick love comedy though the charm skill does not have the decision hitting.
If you’re interested, it might be a good thing to check.
However, it can be recommended to read in the manga is the original if anything…… Ww


In conclusion,

“The cuteness of the character is life anyway!” 」

I think that it is an animation.

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