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Kiriyamashiro [Part I] the ruins of Kitabatake, a samurai garden in the Muromachi period

Kiriyamashiro [Part I] the ruins of Kitabatake, a samurai garden in the Muromachi period

Kiriyama Castle (Taki Castle) is the home of Mr. Kitabatake who was the Sengoku feudal lord of Ise, and it was an impregnable mountain castle located along the highway connecting Ise and Yamato. The multi-Qi is read as “it is”. At the foot of the mountain is the Castle Hall (Kitabatake-kan ruins) lined, and the Mount Kiriyamashiro was a packed castle surrounded by a pass. Mr. Kitabatake has taken over the Kitabatake family in the way of killing the former Kitabatake clan by the invasion of Oda Nobunaga in 1569, and the Nobuo of the second son (Buto) was sent as adopted by Mr. Kitabatake, and Nobunaga became a stronghold in the Fog castle. Kitabatake Shrine is built in the ruins of the mountain, and samurai Gardens exist. The ruins of the medieval fortress sheltered by the Earth base and Horikiri remain well on the mountain far.

Basic Data >
Name: Kiriyamashiro (Wikipedia) [aka Taqi Castle]
● Location: Tsu-shi, mie ( map )
● Main building: Kitabatake (Mr. Ise Kitabatake)
● Castle: 1342 (South Dynasty calendar: Kokokin 3 years)
-Remains: soil base, Horikiri, Melody, garden ruins
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Visit >

The trail to the Kiriyamashiro is next to Kitabatake-kan (kitabatake shrine) on the foothills. After seeing the splendid excursion garden that the shrine is visited first, and remaining still as Mr. Kitabatake age, it is possible to capture the castle.

kiriyama-1415a-1596Kitabatake Shrine Torii. There is a shop and a big parking lot in front of this torii. Start from there.

kiriyama-1416The surrounding map which was pasted to the wall of the restroom beside the Torii. There is a garden and Kitabatake shrine beyond the Torii, and there seems to be Kiriyama castle ruins on the mountaintop when going up the mountain path from the front of the garden.

kiriyama-1417It suppresses feelings to be suppressed, and it sees it first of all because there was an explanation board of the Castle Pavilion ruins of a multi-qi Kitabatake. It seems to be “Taqi Kitabatake Castle Ruins” in the ruins of the base of the mountain, the castle of the Urayama, and Fog mountain ruins in the mountaintop.

kiriyama-1418Well, first of all, let’s see the ruins of the shrine and the garden. Cross the Hallmark Bridge at the back of the Torii.

kiriyama-1422Crossing the bridge separates the road from the left and right. Go to the right to the shrine approach. Go left to the Kiriyama Castle ruins Trail.

kiriyama-1422a-1424First, go to the right shrine garden approach.

kiriyama-1423The side of the low stone wall along the approach seems to be a garden mark according to the map. First, go straight ahead.

kiriyama-1426Kitabatake Shrine Stone Torii. scene of Kitabatake Shrine grounds. Because the big tree which stands beside the front shrine is too huge and does not fit in the frame no matter how it falls, correspondence with the fisheye lens. Woah.

kiriyama-1426b-1470If you go to the side of the shrine, a public bronze statue of Kitabatake Akira is standing. Kitabatake Akira in the southern morning warlords who served the Emperor Daigo in the Kenbu year, the battle with Ashikaga Takashi Army that reversed the revolt in the new government once you show the activity to relegate to Kyushu, battle in the Ashikaga army and Izumi Sakai who was re-fought in the youth of the 21-year-old fighting death of the Warriors of Doom It comes out in “Taihei”. Mr. Ise Kitabatake’s ancestor Kitabatake (Akakiyoshi) seems to be a younger brother. It is unclear why the statue of the sensible family is here… Kitabatake Shrine?

kiriyama-1426c-1471The statue of a public figure kitabatake. It is said that the statue of the sensible family stands in the Abenino shrine in the Izumi country Sakai which is the place of the last fight.

kiriyama-1426d-1474Excavation is being carried out further in the statue, and the oldest stone wall was excavated in the ruins of the medieval pavilion as a result Japan! There was an explanation board. , But the physical (stone wall) would probably have been buried, nowhere.

kiriyama-1426e-1433Let’s go to the garden. The back of this gate becomes the Kitabatake Mr. Castle Pavilion Garden. I will pay the admission fee (300 yen) to the declared, and let’s enter in the guide to Miyushi.

kiriyama-1427Guidance of the garden. Welcome to the Warring States era time slip! Let’s calmly immerse yourself in the romance of history.

kiriyama-1432There was an explanatory board about the garden in front of the gate. Among the gardens of the same age (medieval Muromachi period-warring States period), it is very rare that it remained without being buried. It is a man-like garden of the warlords favorite in the mountain with the scenery of the pond and the rock and the lake. Hmmmm.

kiriyama-1435Into the garden. The big tree of more than 400 years old is not visible on the other side, but according to the story of Miyushi, at that time there was no such big tree, and it was a splendid garden with the mountains over the pond and the Chikuyama.

kiriyama-1446Kitabatake Mr. Castle ruins Garden Part2. It is a migratory type, and you can enjoy the garden of various expressions from different angles while moving around the pond. View of the garden from the back of the pond.

kiriyama-1447a-1468From the front of the bridge. In front of the bridge was a enshrined, a turtle-shaped boulder called the Tortoise Stone. At the back there was a flat rock at the top, and it was a place where Lord sat on this and thought about it.

kiriyama-1459There is also a dry landscape in the back of the garden. The array of boulders represents the way Buddha is lined up.

kiriyama-1478a-1425After fully enjoying the garden and the ruins of the castle (shrine), the castle of Kiriyamashiro is finally started. Return to the Red Bird, and head to the Kiriyama mountain climbing gate.

kiriyama-1479It went out to the place like the inflection ring when advancing to road for a while. It is written that Kitabatake shrine Shinsen da in the monument of the entrance. Shinsen is an offering that is available to the shrine.

kiriyama-1480There is a well in the back of the Shinsen field, and in the right back, there is a climbing entrance to Kiriyama Castle ruins. A yellow sign is a mark.

The end of the prequel at the time of reaching the entrance to the castle. Finally, we went to the mountain trail.

> > To the Kiriyamashiro [Nakhen] . < <

Date of Visit: April, 2014
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