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Michi no Eki takeyura no sato oh Taki B class Gourmet… Curry with wild boar rice bowl and boar meat Menchi

Michi no Eki takeyura no sato oh Taki B class Gourmet… Curry with wild boar rice bowl and boar meat Menchi

Because I have not gone anywhere for a while,
Do you want to put places you’ve been to in the past (-_-;)

Chiba, I think there is an image of the sea wished,
To tell the truth, there is something interesting in the mountain.

This time, in Ōtaki town,
The road station Takeyura no Sato!

This is a long time
B-Class Gourmet blog is a full throttle or go


There are both agricultural sales and cafeteria.

It’s just a time of bamboo shoots.
If you taste the “true speciality” of Ōtaki-machi,
Now might be the chance (^^)
Well, it’s not a particularly cheap wished.

Well, there are some interesting things in the cafeteria here


We have a wild rice bowl and
I received the curry with the boar Menchi.

850 yen each (^^)

The taste and taste of vilier at this price… (^-^)

The taste of the wild is packed with Gisiri.

Oh, it’s still a taste of the whale and the pork. (^^)


Since wild boar hunting enters the prohibition period from now on, I wonder the last chance for the past few days.
Bamboo shoots’s only now and then…

I ate wild boar meat in Chichibu before,
Here we started Ohtaki town, Chiba Prefecture,
In addition, it seems to be eaten in the mountain of Tsukuba in Ibaraki.

Oh, my God.
Next Kueru in December (T0T)


The Chinese eel in the shape of a wild boar is also lovely!

The ice cream is also delicious here!!

… Even
Hare’re just ate and
Poppo meta-straightline as usual… (̄ ̄;)

Personal assessment

The price is reasonable. There is also a novelty, the evaluation is two dogs,
It’s a tri-two.

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