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Niigata Castle Tour in 2015

Niigata Castle Tour in 2015

In 2013, we continued to Tohoku in Shinshu, 2014
The long-term holiday in 2015 has been the only castle and Sake brewery in Niigata Prefecture.
The report is a digest version as created by Bochibochi.

Speaking of Echigo, it is a castle that must be gone.
Home of Uesugi KenshinKasuga Yamashiro

Tochio CastleIs known as the castle of the castle of Honjo Minoru, which was a raising an army of the shigeomi of Kenshin, and the young, Uesugi Kenshin, who was a Nagao-kei-Tiger at the time.

Biwako CastleIs known as the castle of Saditsu Usami, known as legendary military master in the Uesugi Army. There is nothing left.

The Shinano River and the Igarashi River were built in an important place to join.Sanjo CastleMr. Yamayoshi served as a lord. There is nothing left by the change of the river Revolt or the passage.
It is this castle to have fought bravely as the Saburo Kei Tiger in the rebellion of the house in the revolt of the heir inheritance fight of Kenshin as Lord.

Zao DojoWas an important position in the Nagao family. Mr. Nagao was acting as a stronghold until he moved to Suyoshishiro.

Winnowing CitychampThe Shingen is known as the Castle of Okuma, which has flips to Takeda, while being in the position of the Uesugi army.

The museum(Freshly) is known as the stage of the succession of the inheritance fight and the pavilion by the adoption of two people after Uesugi Kenshin dead. The rebellion of the pavilion is a battle of Uesugi Saburo Kei who got the old name of Uesugi Scenic and Kenshin which becomes the master carpenter of the Uesugi family later, and it is this castle that had become the stronghold of Saburo Kei Tiger. There is no remains, but the center is quietly a park.

It is this that Saburo Kei Tiger defeated in the rebellion of the mansion was cornered and the bladeDogojo CastleIs.

Yoita CastleIs the home of Naoe and continues to be known as the staff of Uesugi Scenic.

Mr. Uesugi, who was to reign in Echigo after the transfer to Aizu has been built in place of Kasuga Yamashiro is inconvenient in Yamashiro CastleFukushima Castle。 It was a short-lived castle for only seven years because Matsudaira Taditeru, who entered Echigo after Mr. Hori, had built the castle of Takada in the inland. There is nothing left now.

Matsudaira Taditeru was built to borrow the power of Date Masamune is ShuutoshuutomeTakada Castle。 The height of the ground base is overwhelmed.

The resistance of the Nagaoka clan in the Edo Boshin War, and the success of the Kawai Stepinosuke are known.Nagaoka CastleWas completely buried in the city area around Nagaoka station and disappeared without a trace.

Miscellaneous TaijoIt was the home of Mr. Honma, the Ryoke, who ruled sado. It is now a strange temple.

Mr. Honma, who is said to have had more power than the Ryoke in Sado, the late SengokuKawada CastleIs Sado High school.

This is also the home of the Hamumo Honma family, who divided the forces between Mr. Honma and Hiroshi Kawada in SadoHshigeru Castle.

The trip of the day attacked the castle of the hard mountain by waking up early morning.
After that, it was a pattern of attacking 1-2 castles, such as Heijo and Stele Castle.

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