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No. 126: Fukuhara Castle (dropped by two-bee)

No. 126: Fukuhara Castle (dropped by two-bee)

Date of Visit: September 21, 2014

Fukuhara CastleIs a castle in Sacho, Sayo-gun, Hyogo Prefecture.
Sajo CastleIt is also called.
One of the battles for the destruction of the Kamakura shogunate in 1333Kuga shijonawate BattleThe enemy generals of the Kamakura Way,Takashi NagoshiSlay to be,Saori HouseIt is said that the castle was built in the Kenbu year. After that, Fukuhara CastleMr. FukuharaWill be Lord to the Warring States period.
During this time, Fukuhara CastleJincheng CastleKozuki CastleIt was also functioning as an important castle network of Mr. Akamatsu.
In 1577, the commander of the Army in ChinaHideyoshi HashibaTwo names, a military master,Takenaka HanbeiAndKuroda (Kodera) KanbeiTo attack the castle Fukuhara. After a hard struggle, LordFukuto principleThe Ascheritt of the near-Fukuen-ji TempleIt is also transmitted that it was self-harm. The ghostly also tells us that all the things in the castle have been cut off. Hideyoshi, who won this battle, is the next target.Kozuki CastleTo the cheats.

福原城/遠景  福原城/縄張り図
【 Left 】 When you bend according to the guide of Route 179, Fukuhara Castle appears.
It was easy to find the noborihata of Kuroda Kanbei is standing in the 2014 Taiga drama effect.
[Right] there was a map of the rope in the brochure obtained at the roadside station.

福原城/正面  福原城/曲輪
Left: The road to the frontHorikiri MarkIs. The right side (east) isMain GuoIs.
RightMain GuoSeems to be upland, but at this time it seemed to be neglected. Behind you.EarthyIs enclosed in L-shaped.

福原城/土塁  福原城/福原霊社
[Left] Height remained firmlyEarthyIs.
RightEarthyOn top of that was LordFukuto principle.Fukuhara Reisha.

福原城/東側曲輪  福原城/堀切
[Left] to see the east side of the National highway is another step downSogawaIs spreading.
Right: a while agoHorikiri MarkFrom the other side, so you can see theMain Guo.

福原城/墓地  福原城/西側曲輪
Left: Some parts of the cemetery on the west side of Horikiri from the main GuoSogawaIs.
[Right] I see the west side of the melody from the bottom.
It is understood that it seems to be stepped like the band tune Ring.

When the guidance of various was confirmed, the parking lot of the action town office was pushing, but there was one or two parking spaces where the national road was slightly north.

That, the Fuku principle which made the trouble quite a lot of Takenaka Hanbei and Kuroda Hanbei are transmitted that it was clear brain. The famousKozuki CastleThe battle outpost of the Lord is not noticeable, but it is good to be enshrined in a small shrine and still rooted in the local. It is a good thing to trace the mark of a local war with such a strong locally color alone.

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