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No. 127: Kozuki Castle (Amako’s dream of rebuilding)

No. 127: Kozuki Castle (Amako’s dream of rebuilding)

Date of Visit: September 21, 2014

Kozuki CastleThe castle was in Sayo-cho, Sayo-gun, Hyogo Prefecture.
The time of the castle is not clear, but the Kamakura period Akamatsu clanMr. KozukiNorth across the valley byMount OhiraThe castle, which is the predecessor of theMount AramiAnd then moved on. Kozuki Castle, which is a hub of traffic, became a place of contention by a lot of forces throughout the Muromachi period and the Warring States Period. The Lord has changed, but in a positionMr. AkamatsuIt is thought that the time when it was acting as a castle of the branch was long.
In the late Warring States periodOda NobunagaOfChinaAnd nowHideyoshi HashibaAs commander, the Harima region will begin to be flat. At the time of 1577, Kozuki Castle was attached to the Mohri.Masanori AkamatsuIt was a castle general. Hideyoshi’s army of the NorthFukuhara CastleAfter the Kozuki, advanced to the castle. The Hideyoshi army will also destroy the Ukita army of the Mori-kata reinforcements and make the castle fall. At this time, the Masanori is his blade. It is transmitted that it was exterminated to the castle soldier and the woman child because of make an example.(Battle of the first Kozuki Castle)
After that, he fought with Mr. Mori and was destroyed.Mr. AmakoJoined the battle as a way to revive the ODAKatsuhisa Amako, Ryosuke Yamanaka(Shikanosuke) Master-detail defended the Kozuki castle.
Ms. Yamanaka was instrumental in rebuilding Mr. Amako, the chief of the challenge.“Hopefully, give me a seven-Hai.”It is known by the Maxim, and it is a person who has been made a mirror of the samurai for a long time until the pre-war education of the Japan though it is often made a theme of the story.

1578Miki CastleOfNagaji BesshoArrival CastleOfKoterasa OfficeHideyoshi will be urged to respond to Miki Castle when they are separated from the ODA army and the Miki Battle begins. Kozuki Castle was once again besieged by the armies of the Mohri and the Allies.
By the life of Oda Nobunaga, Hideyoshi Hagba was unable to rescue the Kozuki Castle and the castle.(Battle of the second Kozuki Castle)
Amako Katsuhisa seppuku. Mr. Yamanaka was murdered on the way to the convoy, and his dream of rebuilding Amako here collapsed.

上月城/遠景  上月城/歴史資料館
[Left] distant view of the Kozuki Castle seen from the east side.
[Right] at the footKozuki History MuseumYou can see the description of the surrounding castles, including the Kozuki Castle. The car is put here and it starts.

上月城/縄張図  上月城/登り口
Left: Brochures and local information boards obtained at the roadside station.A map of NahariIs. This castle part is unexpectedly a lovely fortress.
However, it seems that the fortress with the castle function is scattered along the ridge. In the deepest partTsukiji in the Eye highThere is a fort called, but I heard that it takes more than three hours on foot and this time it was only the Honjo department.
The right is the entrance. The first step is to climb a steep staircase.

上月城/休郭  上月城/堀切
[Left] to the rope-clad figureClosed enclosureIt is a ring that is written.
RightHorikiriI have a description board, but there is not much change or is buried.

上月城/堀切  上月城/登城道
[Left] When you look at the slope side, wellHorikiriI understand that kana.
[Right] I will climb the side of the melody of several steps.

上月城/本郭虎口  上月城/本郭
[Left]Main GuoIs.
RightMain GuoIs a memorial monument of Masanori Akamatsu, a castle general at the time of the Battle of the first Kozuki.

上月城/帯郭  上月城/本郭搦手
Left: Look under the main enclosureObi-Song RingIt looks like a ring.
[Right] of the Lord GuoRearm side Tiger MouthIs.

上月城/細長い曲輪  上月城/二の郭
Left: Slender for a whileSogawa.
Right: It comes out to the mark of the slender inflection wheelTwo Guo

上月城/遠望  上月城/利神城を望む
[Left] The view from here is the best.Jincheng CastleThere was an explanation that I could see. Certainly looking smaller.
[Right] to enlarge, certainlyJincheng Castle

上月城/堀切  上月城/堀切
[Left] If you pass the wheel of several steps, again,HorikiriAppeared.
[Right] another, shallowHorikiri。 This is like the West end of the castle area.

上月城/分岐地点  上月城/供養碑
[Left] It is a branch point of the Descent Road (right) when going for a while. Go straight to the aboveTsukiji in the Eye highTo the ruins of such a fortress.
The right is when you come down to the foot.Amako Katsuhisa, Yamname ShikunosukeMemorial.

It is a Kozuki castle known as a castle of the tragedy which becomes the stage of a lot of siege warfare, and the image of the castle that the Amako Katsuhisa and Yamanaka Deer Master-Detail has scattered is strong still personally.
According to the story of the museum, in 2014, NHK Taiga drama “military officer” is also influenced by, or has increased quite a lot of people come to the time of the hot Still, oh? I hear that the visit of a young woman who thinks is increasing, too. However, a lot of people who come without understanding the image of the so-called medieval fortress become exhausted and come down.

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