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No. 129: Ten City Castle (remnants of the House of Ten city)

No. 129: Ten City Castle (remnants of the House of Ten city)

Date of Visit: October 4, 2014

Ten City CastleThe castle was in Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture.
Tsutsui CastleOfMr. TsutsuiWith themYamato Four HouseOf the powerful countries that can be countedMr. JuichiThe Heijo of the castle.Ryuwang YamashiroAs a home-based facility.
He built his heyday in the first half of the sixteenth century.Zhizhong, Ten CityIt is thought that it boasts a considerable scale in the age of (and the eldest son)Ten City far winsIn the age ofHisahide MatsunagaThe invasion ofRyuwang YamashiroThe power of ten cities has declined greatly.
After that,Oda NobunagaReceived the support ofTsutsui, Jun-keiBut I joined the umbrella of Mr. Tsutsui when it comes to the guardian of Yamato, is the real brother of Hideyoshi became Yamato Guardian during the Toyotomi administration eraHideaga ToyotomiThere seems to have been a sect which followed.

十市城/南西側より  十市城/南西側より
[Left] There is no ruins which seems to be ruins nowBook GuoThe part that is considered to have been is the ten city Castle which is the field. Excavation was found in several locations, and numerous vessels and vases were discovered.
The location of the surrounding area was also proud of the size of around 550m, north and south.
[Right] it is a peaceful scenery intently.

十市城/石碑西側  十市城/石碑
[Left] There is a bush with a konomori in it.
[Right] here is a show that there was ten city castleStone monument. There is no explanation.

十市城/南側  十市城/古い町並み
[Left] in the heyday, the castle area is thought to have been colored even in the south.
[Right] There are a lot of streets of bitter buildings.

He boasts one of the best forces in Yamato in the age of far-Zhong, and is a mountain fortress representing Yamato country.Ryuwang YamashiroMr. Ten City who built the, but was tossed between Mr. Matsunaga and Mr. Tsutsui disappeared.
There is nothing left, but I think that it is easy to imagine the scene of a huge heijo rather than a lot of fields in the center of the field.

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