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No. 131: Hyogo Castle (Castle to suppress the hub of traffic extinguished by urbanization)

No. 131: Hyogo Castle (Castle to suppress the hub of traffic extinguished by urbanization)

Date of Visit: February 7, 2015

Hyogo CastleIs a castle in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture.
1579Murashige ArakiIsOka CastleLord atOda NobunagaRevolt reversed to the ruin, but was the important castle of Araki in 1580.Hanakuma CastleTo the castle.Ikeda TsuneokiWas given to West Settsu.
1581Ikeda TsuneokiButHanakuma CastleIn lieu of a port that flourished from the pastHyogo TsuThe castle was newly built in Hyogo Castle. In the case of the castleHanakuma CastleIt is said that the use of materials. After he moved to Mino in a short period of two yearsHideyoshi ToyotomiAs the directKatsumoto KatagiriWas entered with a substitute officer. Although it worked as a jinya in the Edo period, the ruins were completely extinguished by the construction and urbanization of the canal since the Meiji period.
However, the world of this HeiseiKobe City Central Market markDiscovered a number of remains in the excavation. However, the construction of a large commercial facility has been decided, and it is returned to the ground. The local briefing did not go without the lack of information and convenience, and I was not able to stand even if I think that it is a matter of time to be buried, and went.

兵庫城/市場側(東)よりみる発掘現場  兵庫城/案内
Left: It is a state of excavation site from the main building side of the central market which remains now.
[Right] when you look at the map of the excavation site of the guide, the place which is cut off diagonally in the northwest becomes the current canal. The southeast side of the canal is the old Central market mark.

兵庫城/北側よりみる発掘現場  兵庫城/北西側よりみる発掘現場
Left: I tried to wrap it in the north side. It seems that the burial back has begun, too.
The ruins which seem to be an important ruins are covered with a blue sheet, but I am looking at it with an eye.
[Right] look a bit more from the northwest than the whole.

兵庫城/土橋付近と思われる石垣  兵庫城/石垣
[Left] whoa, pretty settledIshigaki. ApparentlyDobashiIt is like a stone wall near there was.
Right: This is the stone wall which was in the foreground more,NinomaruWhat is the part of the north side of the place.

兵庫城/運河側から見る発掘現場  兵庫城/石碑と案内板
[Left] across the canal, we are seeing seagulls and excavation sites from the west.
Right: There is a stone monument and a guide board on the side across the canal.

At that time, there must have been a castle area in front of the canal, but nothing remains to be seen.

Although there were few people who knew that there was a castle in Hyogo in the first place, it was a splendid castle with a tower. Even so, I was impressed by the fact that the castle was completely lost, and I was able to see the ruins of the castle that I thought I couldn’t see in modern times. By the construction of a commercial facility, it is Hyogo Castle which returns to the soil again, but is not there a preservation method which can be confirmed in some way?

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