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No. 132: Izushi Castle (flourished as the center of Tajima)

No. 132: Izushi Castle (flourished as the center of Tajima)

Date of Visit: November 29, 2014

Out Stone CastleThe castle was in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture.
City Historic SiteIs specified inJapan 100 CastleIt has also been selected.
Originally boasted the heyday in the Muromachi periodMr. YamnameThe center of the Tajima Country, which is one of the Ryogoku of the city, was a stone town (now Toyooka City). Initially, Mr. YamnameThis corner castle(This corner) was based on theYusuke YamayōAs the last stronghold, we built the mountain behind the castle of Izaishi.Arikoyama CastleIt was.
1580ODA ArmyThe rule of Mr. Yamname who was destroyed in the attack was over, but from 1595Yoshimasa Koide(This yes is very good) went into the Arikoyama castle. In 1603, he is a child of Yoshisei.Yoshihide KoideThe Yes is Lord, but since 1604, the center of the mountain is extended, and the mountain is waste.Out Stone CastleIs considered to have been maintained.
After Mr. KoideMr. Matsudaira, Mr. SengokuIt continued, and after the decree of one nation of former sum, Ishijo was survived to the Meiji Restoration as the clan agency of the only castle and Izushi clan of Tajima country.

出石城/大手門跡,辰鼓櫓  出石城/内堀
[Left] ThisShin-Drum TowerIt is a composition that symbolizes the town of Ishijo and Deishi.
There is a drum to inform the castle of Lord, which was built in 1871, and later becomes a clock tower. HereMajor KadatoBut now the road is straight on the side of the stone wall with the Dragon Drum Tower, but the road is bent to the right by the part of the stone wall where it remains now.Masugata ToraguchiWas.
[Right] around the shin-drum tower was around the three-circle perimeterUchiboriThere is only one part of it.

出石城/三の丸 対面所  出石城/三の丸 土塁
LeftSannomaruIs inA Face PlaceIs.
Matsudaira Tadanori, who became a lord after Mr. Koide, moved the Lord Residence from Honmaru in 1702 and took government affairs. It seems that this place was more comfortable.
Right: In fact, when you go to the back along Uchibori from a face place,EarthyIs left. This may be easy to overlook.

出石城/二の丸より内側の全景  出石城/縄張図
[Left] Now, if you go straight on the road next to the Dragon Tower and exit the third circle, you arrive in the center with a stair-shaped territory squarely.
[Right] This is a view of the brochure that can be obtained at the local tourist information office.
From the middle (north)Ninomaru, Honmaru, and Inari-no-WA
Toward the left (east) sideMt. Satamaru, On the right (west) sideWest inflection WheelIt is a simple territory.
That outside came walkingSannomaru。 It is a huge in the left and right to be concerned with the Nahari figureVertical MoatBut it was covered with trees and could not be seen from outside.

出石城/埋門跡  出石城/稲荷参道
Left: Now, like a moatTani YamakawaIn the Edo period, there was no change in the flow path after the modern era. This is mistaken for Uchibori when coming without a preliminary knowledge. The west side where the restored gate of the castle was onceA burial gateWas one of the entrances where there was.
[Right] Another climbing port of the east SideInari-SandoIs. It seems to have been able to enter from the above-mentioned gate and both sides, and this isMijozakaWas called.

出石城/二の丸 石垣  出石城/二の丸御台所口
Left: When you proceed from the gateNinomaruOfIshigakiWill welcome you. It is a wonderful stone wall of the noface piling.
[Right] go to the route from the entrance to NinomaruKitchen mouthOf the stone steps that were saidPassing.

出石城/二の丸 枡形  出石城/二の丸
【 Left 】 NinomaruThe lower inflection wheelFrom the east of the photo to NinomaruMasugata ToraguchiWas accessed by.
RightNinomaru. One step aboveHonmaruThe twoMock TowerIs impressive.

出石城/模擬隅櫓(東)  出石城/模擬隅櫓(西)
[Left] This is the east side of the HonmaruCorner Tower。 It was a single layer at that time although it is a mock tower of two layers that was built in Showa 1968.
Right side of the WestCorner TowerBecause it did not exist at that time, it is a mock tower built with an image.

出石城/渡り櫓連結部  出石城/山里丸
[Left] at that time, the center north of HonmaruPassingIs open, from hereCorridorI was connected to the building of Ninomaru.
Right: On the east SideMt. SatamaruStone wall. It is possible to see a comparatively new calculation piling in the stone wall of Izushi Castle. It is thought that it was a place used for entertainment etc., and there was a garden.

出石城/本丸と稲荷曲輪石垣  出石城/感応殿
LeftHonmaru. BehindInari-no-WAOfHigh stone wall.
【 Right 】 HonmaruSensitiveIs the father of Mr. Sengoku who was the LordHidehisa SengokuDedicated you.

出石城/眺望  出石城/本丸西虎口
[Left] from HonmaruWest inflection WheelI am looking at the street.
RightHonmaru West Tiger MouthIs. Back thenIchino Gate.

出石城/稲荷社  出石城/有子山登山口
LeftInari-no-WAIs inInari-shaIs.
[Right] in the back of Inari-no-WAArikoyama CastleTo the trailhead.

出石城/武家屋敷  出石城/西門
Left: Let’s go back to the third circle and see the highlights of the area.
The picture was left in the third circle.Old HouseIs.
House of OldSengoku SakyoIt is a place where there was a mansion, it is known as the House Riot of Mr. SengokuSengoku RiotOne of the leading players in the
Right: If you go to the west of the mansion,NishikadatoAre left. It was masugata in those days, so it was left in fragments.

出石城/東門  出石城/見性寺
Left: On the other hand, on the east side of the third circleDongmenIs this neighborhood, but there is no remains of the gate.
[Right] There are so many temples in castle, these temples were built for the purpose of serving as military installations like forts during combat.
This is a defensive northwest.Kensho TempleIn manifestingTurretThe bell tower like that is impressive.
In front.SotoboriPlayed a role inTani YamakawaIs.

出石城/経王寺  出石城/宋鏡寺
Left: Defensive southeastSutra Oji(Kyoto). The bell tower is also left.
Right in the northeastSokagami-ji Temple(Today is the year 1392)Mr. Kiyoshi YamnameWas opened in the age of the Lord, and it was proud of the Cathedral of the best in Sanin. It was devastated after Mr. Yaman was destroyed by Nobunaga Oda, but he is a famous monk in 1616.Sawan Shu PengHas been revived by the alias of Sawan Temple. It seems to be treated exceptional it is family Temple received the protection of the Lord of the Stone from generations.

出石城/小出英安の墓  出石城/出石焼
[Left] is the lord of the sixth generation in the precinctsHideyasu KoideThis is the tomb of the tassels.
Besides thisSengoku Yoshimasa, Sengoku HimichiThere are graves of the former lord, such as.
RightIzushi WareOf the Zodiac (not).

I have visited this place many times in my personal favorite town.
You can enjoy the castle and medieval fortress in the early modern castle town and delicious Izaishi soba with good atmosphere. You can feel the history and culture that was the center of the Tajima country.

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