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No. 133: Sekitayama Castle (mysterious stone-built mountain Castle)

No. 133: Sekitayama Castle (mysterious stone-built mountain Castle)

Date of Visit: January 11, 2015

Impression CastleThe castle was in Aioi City, Hyogo Prefecture.
Akamatsu Castle ruinsAsOkshio CastleWhite Flag CastleWithCountry Historic SitesIs specified.
Uryu CastleIn the Kamakura period, the feeling fortress, also calledUryu Saemon LieutenantIn the first half of the 14th century, the castle was built byYusuke AkanoriIt is said that the castle was built.Mr. Takashi AshikagaThe rule of thumb on the sideYoshisadada NittaWas prevented by this feeling fortress. It came to be called a feeling fortress because it gave the sensibility to Mr. Takashi Ashikaga who obtained the chance of the counterattack by this. In any case, the time of the castle building is ambiguous though it has the scale and the construction only of this. The story that led to the abandoned castle is unknown.
However, it is thought that it has been used as a major castle of the Harima Guardian’s main fortress in the region, and it has been made use by the changing rulers even if entering the Warring States period.

感状山城/遠景  感状山城/羅漢の里
【 Left 】 The feeling-like castle seen from the forest village of the foothills. This is the area where the trees are not thick.
Right nowHan-no-SatoThe route you climb from is common.

感状山城/登城口  感状山城/大手への分岐
Left: From here, we climb a steep mountain trail.
[Right] The branch point in the middle. If you go to the road, you can see the rock. If you proceed to the back, you will arrive at the major gate. This time, I will aim at the rock of sight according to a general hiking course.


The rope-clad figure obtained in the locale is quite hard to see in the copy, but still a rope in the castle is required.
The main Guo is located on the ridge, and the north and south of the wheel group. In the middle, I can see how the III…

感状山城/物見岩  感状山城/物見岩より中心部を眺める
Left: When you climb the stairs that became more suddenWatch RockArrived.
[Right] I am looking at the center direction which progresses from this from the View rock.

感状山城/倉庫跡  感状山城/倉庫跡側面の石垣
Left: FirstWarehouse TracesArrived. This regionIII. Melody GroupAndA wheel.
Right: From the warehouse traces to the sides to the inflection wheelIshigakiYou can see.

感状山城/出曲輪  感状山城/井戸跡
LeftA wheel. The view is a little open.
Downward this northRearm KadatoThere are no off-limits signs, but I gave up.
[Right] III. Move the wheel to the north.Well marks

感状山城/大手門跡  感状山城/大手の井戸跡
Left: III. Go down south from the groupIshigakiWere hardened inMajor KadatoIt is very powerful.
If you go to the major gate towards the branch of the Mountain Trail, you will reach here.
[Right] near the major templeWell marks, And was praising the water.

感状山城/南曲輪への道  感状山城/眺望
[Left] Well, I went up the narrow road which was provided in the rocky further from the tune groupSouth Melody GroupAccess the
The view on the way to the right is wonderful.

感状山城/南曲輪群  感状山城/南曲輪群の石垣
LeftSouth Melody GroupArrived.
Accumulated on such a mountainIshigakiIs the masterpiece.
[Right] regret anywayIshigakiIt is a group of melody hardened in.

感状山城/南曲輪群下の虎口  感状山城/二の丸(南) 虎口
Left: It seems that it continued to the major gate toward the lower side of the South Tune group.Passing, But the road was not in a state of progress.
[Right] to the north of the South Song Ring group. A Ninomaru equivalent to a wheel
In the Nahari figureSouth II, North IIFollowed by a long and slender inflection wheel. The picture is of the south side of the songPassing

感状山城/二の丸(南)  感状山城/二の丸(北)
LeftSouth II. Of the buildingCornerstone TrailIs exposed.
RightNorth IIAlsoCornerstone TrailAndIshigakiIs seen.

感状山城/帯曲輪  感状山城/二の丸側面石垣
[Left] II.Obi-Song Ring.
The right side of the wheel and II.IshigakiYou can see.

感状山城/本丸石垣  感状山城/本丸
[Left] corresponds to HonmaruI. MelodyNear the tiger’s mouthIshigaki
Right in the best placeI. Melody.

感状山城/北曲輪群  感状山城/階段状の北曲輪
Left: I. On the north side of the wheelNorth-the-wheel group。 This is a lot of stair-like soil, and the stone wall is not seen very much.
Right: Do you know how it is becoming gradually?

It is necessary to climb a fairly steep mountain path, but the impression when the overwhelming stone group is witnessed is not able to be expressed in the word. It’s a castle in the sky, and if you sell it, people will come, but Hog is still the best!

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