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No. 134: Hofuku-ji Castle (Giant Mountain Castle representing the Izumi country)

No. 134: Hofuku-ji Castle (Giant Mountain Castle representing the Izumi country)

Date of Visit: February 21, 2015

Hofuku-ji CastleThis is a castle in Kaizuka City, Osaka Prefecture.
Noda YamashiroIn the first half of the 16th century astronomical yearMatsuura Hizen Mamoru MamoruThe castle was built by the following (theNegai-ji TempleIt is said that it became the territory of the.
The castle is located in a secluded area from the plains of Izumi, and is the largest mountain fortress in Osaka Prefecture, with the position of holding traffic with the Kii region.Iimori YamashiroAndAkutagawa CastleIt is comparable to the scale of It is not so huge as the castle of the local one wealthy level. Considering that a large force such as the Negai temple was a base of entering the country of Izumi from these things, the power of Negai TempleHideyoshi HashibaIt would be natural to assume that the role was completed around 1585 was captured.

根福寺城/遠景  根福寺城/正面
Left: Distant view from the east side.
[Right] There is a guide board along the road.

根福寺城/案内板  根福寺城/登山口(?)
[Left] The guide board is written from the origin and drawing, but it is too thin to see the map.
If you look better, you can see that this castle is divided into two different groups of the East and west. In any case, since it is hardly in service, it is recommended to obtain the map in the territories somehow.
[Right] there was a staircase in the east of the Guide board, and it was understood that it was necessary to take the mountain from here, and it was eroded by the plant so that the photograph was not understood anywhere. It rises diagonally to the right.

根福寺城/登山口からの道  根福寺城/直登口
[Left] I’ve tried to wade through the plants somehow, but I do not know where to go and abandon.
[Right] There are a few strong men in the past who tried to challenge the direct route. I climbed from this side.

根福寺城/谷筋を登る  根福寺城/二重堀切1
If you stick in the left, you can see that one of the valley muscles. It is feeling that it finally climbed while holding on to the tree which grows on the slope. There are several valley sources, but I don’t know which is best. In fact, regardless of such an undeveloped castle, I met another visitor miraculously, but I heard that I climbed another valley muscle. It was said that it had a hard time considerably to climb still.
Right: Separates the east side of the castle areaDouble HorikiriArrived at.

根福寺城/二重堀切2  根福寺城/東曲輪群
[Left] This is the secondHorikiri
[Right] around hereEast Wheel Group.

根福寺城/東曲輪櫓台  根福寺城/北曲輪
[Left] the highest place of the East-tune group is small,Tower StandIt is considered to be something like.
RightA ring on the north sideIs a large one, and there seems to have been a moderate building. The Edge is stillHorikiriIt seems to be separated by, but a lot of plants gave up.

根福寺城/二段石積み  根福寺城/石積み
[Left] The west side of the north side of the melody has become a valley, there is a tune wheel which is cut flat in several steps, and it is thought that there was a mansion etc. where the tile etc. were found, too.MasonryYou can see.
[Right] AnotherMasonry

根福寺城/大門跡  根福寺城/大門付近の石材
[Left] arrive at the saddle that hits between the east and the west.
Around hereDaimon RuinsBecause it is called, the big Mouth seems to have accessed the tune group of the East and west to be attached here.
The stone which seems to be a stone is scattered at the right foot.

根福寺城/西曲輪群への切岸  根福寺城/井戸跡(?)
[Left] The road to the West Tune group becomes the interior of this cliff.
Right: It was in the place where it finally climbed.Well marksDepressions like.

根福寺城/土塁曲輪  根福寺城/西 Ⅱ曲輪
[Left] and go further L-shapedEarthyWith a wheel.
[Right] West-Howwheel GroupNinomaruIn the back with a long, thin, inflection wheelThe cut shore of the Lord GuoIs visible.

根福寺城/西主郭虎口  根福寺城/西主郭
Left: West-Howwheel GroupLord Guo’s Tiger mouth
[Right] of the West song groupMain GuoIsSenjojikiIt is also called wide inflection wheel.

根福寺城/西 Ⅲ曲輪  根福寺城/畝状への急斜面
Left: A ring on the north side of the main Guo.
[Right] now, it is often the biggest attraction of the castle of Fufuku-ji temple,Ridge-shaped Vertical moat GroupYou have to go down the slope on the southwest side of the main Guo to see. There is no way that we can do this, and is it really good here? It is a feeling of just slipping off the slope that. I was quite uneasy, but the first person I met had just finished looking and came back and told me that there was certainly a ridge-like vertical moat. But the slope as shown in the photograph, how did you climb up the slide?

根福寺城/畝状竪堀1  根福寺城/畝状竪堀2
[Left] look. This is the vertical moat group that has been dug many times.
Right: ClearRidge-like vertical moat

根福寺城/畝状竪堀3 根福寺城/畝状竪堀4
Left: Pretty deep.
This is also right.

根福寺城/アオゲラ  根福寺城/竪堀を下山
Left: CoincidentallyBlue GalleyCame upon the courtship action of the
Right: Now, should we climb that slope again?? You have to go down to the very first valley muscle even if you climb it. I was so tired that the sunset was coming.
There is only one vertical moat that continues to the bottom when you are looking at the Nahari figure! High stakes tried to go down. I’m down from the top of the photo. )

根福寺城/下山した位置  根福寺城/殿の城
Left: It came out to the road. However, it is not recommended because it is a dead end when the mistake of the vertical moat descends.
Right: At the end of the cemetery across the road of the Guide boardTomb of the LordThere is a grave called.
Tomb of Mamoru MatsuuraIt was said, but the local people seemed to be taking care of each other.

Well known The huge castle in the mountains of Izumi.
The joy when the ridge-like vertical moat was seen is hitoshio because it had a hard time considerably though various ruins remained and it looked around in undeveloped.

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