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The 128th: Ryuwang Mountain Castle (Yamato’s finest mountain castle by Mr. Ten city)

The 128th: Ryuwang Mountain Castle (Yamato’s finest mountain castle by Mr. Ten city)

Date of Visit: March 17, 2015

Ryuwang YamashiroIs a castle in Tenri city, Nara Prefecture.
HokujoAndNanchengEach of the two castles to form a single castle in concert with each other.Kazushiro Ichiguo.
The castle area spanning north and South castles is very vast and is known as one of the best mountain castles in Yamato, which is located at high altitude. It is thought that Nanjo is in a higher place, but the age of the castle is old, and the size of Hokujo is larger.
The time of the castle is unknown, but in 1507Brotherhood Yamashiro CountryIt is thought that it was built before that because it appears in the document when.
Ryuwang YamashiroYamato Four HouseOf the powerful countries that can be countedMr. JuichiThe HeijoTen City CastleIt was a stronghold with. It is said that the heyday of Mr. Ten city excelled in the Fumitake.Zhizhong, Ten CityIn the era of (and in the midst of the fall), especially in the first half of the sixteenth centuryNagamasa KizawaButNobutaka YamashiroIt is said that the Ryudai fortress was renovated to the great castle when it entered.
Of the child of the far ZhongTen City far winsWe have made inroads into Yamato in the age ofHisahide Matsunaga.Mr. AkiyamaUnder attackTen City CastleWere forced to retreat.
Since then, the Ryuwang Yamashiro will serve as an important base for Hisahide Matsunaga, but in 1575,Battle of Nobutaka YamashiroWhen Hisahide Matsunaga was destroyed by Oda Nobunaga, the castle was abandoned in 1576.

龍王山南城/南城入口  龍王山南城/案内板
[Left] first of all, it is said that the Castle age is old.Nancheng. In accordance with the expansion of Hokujo, it is thought that the castle was shifted from Honjo to a castle-like character. You can park several cars in the vicinity of the gate.
[Right] It is a guide map of all the castles that both Nanjo and Hokujo were drawn.

龍王山南城/案内板拡大  龍王山南城/登城道
Left: Only Nanjo part was enlarged. It is thought that it was a castle from the beginning that ten city Mr. Had built from the level of the turf.
Right: When you climb for a while, the branch of the photograph.
It divides into the circulation road which goes round the circumference of the stairs and the melody group which rises to the tune ring, but first, let’s climb the stairs.

龍王山南城/細長い曲輪  龍王山南城/副郭への石段
[Left] When you go up the stairs, the photo is slenderSogawa
It is a melody of three stages down from the Honmaru to the northwest direction.
[Right] from the bottom of the two-stage Honmaru to the inflection wheel, which should be referred to as the sub-StairsVia the This is considered to be the existing remains.

龍王山南城/副郭  龍王山南城/本丸
[Left] There are steps to access the Honmaru from the deputy Guo, but this is like a posterity.
At that time, the left side like an arrowObi-Song RingIt seems to have accessed by going down to the north side of the Honmaru once. Stone steps have been excavated to go down to the Obi-wheel.
[Right] to be the best placeNanjo Honmaru.

龍王山南城/本丸からの眺望  龍王山南城/本丸虎口
[Left] This day was a great fog from the time I was running down the expressway, the scenery you see when you come to the summit. I was lucky enough to be able to meet a valuable spectacle.
According to the story of the summit mania of the previous guest, the head is slightly put out is Mt. Kongo and Katsuragi Mountain. Yamato Sanzan was completely under the sea of clouds, so I waited until it came out.
Right: On the opposite side of the stone steps that have been climbedHonmaru Toraguchi。 This is the original entrance.

龍王山南城/堀切(本丸東)  龍王山南城/帯曲輪
Left: When you get out of the tiger mouth,YnanmaruIs betweenHorikiriIs.
On the northeast side of each wheel, if you exit Horikiri-MichiObi-Song Ring.
It seems that these obi rings were also used for the movement between the wheels.

龍王山南城/堀切(弥七丸東)  龍王山南城/枡形
[Left] around the north side of the Yagaru Maru is on the west side of YashichimaruHorikiriTo the south via.
Right: It is a circulation road from here to the south side of the tune group, and when going for a whileMasugata.

龍王山南城/土橋  龍王山南城/伏兵溜り
[Left] BeyondDobashi
Right: It’s hard to find, but it’s on the west side of the DobashiEarthyWithTrenchesIt looks like. Because it is possible to monitor the vicinity of the Dobashi by cutting ahead like KamabokoReservoirIt seems to be thought.
If you look well, you can see the Dobashi below.

龍王山南城/監視土塁  龍王山南城/水の手(柳本龍王社)
[Left] If you go further ahead, it is the four-way road where the circulation path and the two roads intersect. On the right, it grew from near Reservoir.EarthyIs sticking out.
These defensive facilities are a territory that shows a series of functions while seemingly falling apart on the way to the Honmaru.
Right: In the valley on the south side of the slender road that came out first when the circulation path is advancedRyuwang YanagimotoIs. There is a pondMizunoteYou can see that it was

Further forward, between the inflection of the south of the main ring groupHorikiriTo return to the first branch.

龍王山北城/石碑  龍王山北城/案内板
[Left] Large scaleHokujoMoved to. There is also a parking lot in the resting area near the entrance.
Right: This is a guide board of Hokujo. It is natural to think that the function of Honjo moved to Hokujo because the size of the scale and the level of the turf were expanded in the base age of Mr. Matsunaga.

龍王山北城/馬池  龍王山北城/土橋
[Left] You can see the gimmick to defend the invasion behind the Castle entrance Guide board.
Horse PondIsMizunoteTo bypass the path from the southwest while taking the role of.
When you climb right along the pond, thisKarahoriAndDobashiIt is a mechanism that the approach path is constrained by a set of.

龍王山北城/畝城竪堀  龍王山北城/南虎口前の土塁
[Left] There is a little progress of the forest path extending from the left of the Guide boardRidge-shaped Vertical moat Group。 It interferes with the move of the enemy who chose to stick directly to the slope than to proceed the road ahead.
【 Right 】 Tokijo mouthSouth Tiger MouthIn the The current trail goes straight along the slope of the Taiko no Maru on the left, but according to the Guide board, it is originallyEarthyButEating differenceIt seems to have been able to bend to the right.

龍王山北城/丸池  龍王山北城/南虎口
LeftEarthyAfter theMaruikeIt becomes the form which wraps around a hollow called.
Right: After turning round Pond, it joins with the current straight road, but it extends from the right stillEarthyWas constrained, and it was originally a path that bent right to the right like an image.

龍王山北城/堀切(太鼓ノ丸北)  龍王山北城/屈曲する道
Left: On the left side of the tiger mouthTaiko No MaruOn the north sideHorikiriIs.
The road is made to bend between the soil base and the inflection wheel when going back to the right.

龍王山北城/堀切(主郭⇔辰巳の櫓)  龍王山北城/石垣(辰巳の櫓下)
LeftHonmaruAndTatsumi No TurretBetween theHorikiri-MichiIs.
[Right] in this Horikiri roadIshigakiYou can see.

龍王山北城/辰巳の櫓より望む  龍王山北城/本丸南下曲輪土塁
【 Left 】 I climbed the tower of Tatsumi, and it is understood that it is bent to the hook shape when I see the road which had climbed a while ago.
The base which continued to the tiger mouth along the side of the climbing road extended from the tower of TatsumiVertical base.
[Right] under the HonmaruSogawaIs.EarthyYou can see that the image on the left is built.

龍王山北城/本丸虎口  龍王山北城/本丸
【 Left 】 HonmaruPassingBut it seems that this is not a technical tiger, and a series of South Tiger mouths acts as a defensive facility.
RightHonmaru Hokujo.

龍王山北城/本丸土塁  龍王山北城/本丸からの眺望
[Left] Also on the east side of the HonmaruEarthyIs left.
[Right] The view from the Honmaru can overlook the Yamato basin.

龍王山北城/本丸北側曲輪(2段目)  龍王山北城/本丸北側曲輪(2段目)虎口
[Left] I’ll take a look at the Honmaru of the Northwest side of the song. The two-stage lower inflection wheel is pretty powerfulEarthyIs remaining.
[Right] of the same inflection wheelPassing。 There is a gaping opening between the cut shore of the right wheel and the soil base of a while ago.

龍王山北城/時ノ丸  龍王山北城/本丸北側下の土塁と横堀状のくぼみ
[Left] There is a down from the above-mentioned Tiger mouthTime No MaruIt is called a ring of inflection.
[Right] go through the Horikiri road between the Honmaru and Tatsumi’s tower and head to the north side.
On the way, on top of the great HorikiriTrenchesEarthy(Right) while being a moving path is builtReservoirMight have had a personality.

龍王山北城/大堀切  龍王山北城/屋敷跡
Left is under the trench.DaihorikiriIs.
Right: The north side of the road through the Castle East and West is poor defense equipmentHouseAnd so on.

龍王山北城/馬冷やし土塁  龍王山北城/五人衆曲輪
LeftHorse Chill PlaceIt is called the inflection wheelEarthyCan be confirmed.
RightFive people GuoCalled a ring of inflection.

龍王山北城/井戸跡  龍王山北城/石垣(井戸むかえ
Left: Going down to the northwest,Well marks.
The melody in the back of the well mark overlooks the road which climbs from the North Tiger mouth from the top.
He was responsible for the monitoring.
Right: On the opposite side of the road from the well markIshigakiCan be confirmed.

龍王山北城/西の大手 竪土塁  龍王山北城/北大手虎口
LeftThe big circle in the WestFromVertical baseIs growing.
Right: The arrival point of the vertical baseKita-Toraguchi.

He supported the heyday of the city of Juichi and was a key base of Hisahide Matsunaga.
It is a fortress with a lot of interesting discoveries when you look around carefully. It is easy to access the car, but it takes a long time to see a large castle combined with the north and South castles.

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