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The 130th: Takeda Castle (the castle of the famous Sky)

The 130th: Takeda Castle (the castle of the famous Sky)

Date of Visit: November 28, 2014

Takeda CastleIs a castle in Asai-shi, Hyogo.
In recent years, the castle of Ishigaki towering on the mountain, beautiful appearance sinking in the sea of clouds becomes a topicCastle in the SkyIt is a castle that the reputation was high among the originally favorite of the castle although it was made to become a sightseeing ground rapidly as the popularity rises. Because the ruins of the medieval castle remain wellCountry Historic SitesIs specified in theJapan 100 CastleIt has also been selected.
It is said that the castle was built in the midst of the confrontation between Mr. Yaman and Mr. Akamatsu in the first half of the fifteenth century. The castle of Takeda is the name of the mountain.Taigaki spectacleServed as Shirosho, with Mr. Kakiya, Mr. Yagi, and Mr. Sho TayuiYamname DevasMr. Taigaki who was counted in was Lord for seven generations. In the Chinese regional attack of the Oda Nobunaga Army, which began in 1579, the Tajima region became a battlefield divided into ODA way and Mori way. Was head years 1580Hiroki DazakiIs the downfall, and the younger brother of Hideyoshi HabbaHideaga HashibaWas a retainer ofShigeharu KuwayamaWas Lord. In addition, after Mr. KuwayamaRyuuno CastleWas the LordHirohide AkamatsuBecame Takeda Lord, but by missteps in the local warfare of the 1600 Sekigahara battle, Hirohide was made to be self-made, and Takeda Castle became a deserted castle, too.

竹田城/遠景  竹田城/復元模型
Left Takeda Castle is towering behind Takeda station of JR Bando line.
Right: A restoration model of Takeda Castle in Takeda station.

竹田城/天空バス  竹田城/模擬山門
Left: The photo of Takeda Castle is a public institutionSky BusTaxis are the means of approaching the most castles. It is necessary to stop a private car in the parking lot in the front, and to climb on foot is a mountain road which needs a reasonable resolution.
Of course, a dozen years ago when I first visited Takeda Castle, I was able to climb up to the current toll station by private car, but now it is old.
Right: When you climb a while from the parking lotMock Gate

竹田城/縄張図  竹田城/竪堀
[Left] I have shown the rope-clad figure that was in the Guide board ahead.
Right: If you like medieval castles on the way to the toll-place there is nothing left and rightVertical MoatWill continue to make sure that there are several articles.

竹田城/料金所  竹田城/大手口へ
[Left] It came to take the entrance fee because it was made a sightseeing place.
I feel that it can be helped if it says from the viewpoint of the maintenance and preservation of the historical site that only this person rushes.
[Right] If you pass the toll station,Major mouth, But as you can see, a brave stone wall welcomes you.

竹田城/増えた立入禁止区域  竹田城/大手口
[Left] this forbidden passage.
In fact, it is a way to wander around the edge of the castleFort Kanonji MountainI was headed to, but I could not proceed with the tourism. It is the inflection wheel in the lower right of the Nahari figureIshigakiAnd I wanted to go there, but I had no choice.
RightMajor mouthOfPassingIs.

竹田城/北千畳  竹田城/眺望
Left: the first wide ringKita SenjikiIt is called.
【 Right 】 View from Kita Senjo.
It’s rare to be around here.Climbing IshigakiAnd so on, but now that the area is severely restricted, it seems impossible as long as it is not an event of any kind.

竹田城/観音寺山  竹田城/三の丸虎口
[Left] There was a castle outMt. KanonjiCan be desired. I wanted to go.
RightSannomaruTo the photoMasugata Toraguchi.

竹田城/二の丸から三の丸方面  竹田城/本丸 天守台方面
LeftNinomaruFrom the previousSannomaruAndKita SenjikiI’m looking at the direction.
The above-mentioned in the three-round inflection wheelMasugata ToraguchiAnother in succession fromMasugata Toraguchi(Photo center) andTurretIt seems to have been fortified by.
RightNinomaruMoreHonmaru, tower unitsI’m looking at the direction.
This wonderful Ishigaki group has fascinated many castles.

竹田城/花屋敷への虎口  竹田城/花屋敷
[Left] The Honmaru of the current prohibition, and it goes around the tower unitHanayashikiThere was a tiger mouth which got off to the ring which was called, but it was off-limits.
Right: Projecting to the WestHanayashikiIt is thought that it was an important ring to defend the west, but after it has been made a sightseeing place, it is not possible to see only from the top.

竹田城/南二の丸から本丸方面  竹田城/南千畳より本丸方面
LeftSouth NinomaruLooking at the Honmaru side.
[Right] through the tiger mouth that was defensive in the towerMinami SentatamiIt is the arrival of a wide inflection wheel called. You can see a big stone wall like a mirror.

竹田城/南千畳  竹田城/南千畳虎口
LeftMinami SentatamiIs the south end of the tour route.
RightMinami SentatamiOfPassingI will go out more and descent.

竹田城/下山道  竹田城/表米神社
Left: I went down on foot on the way home, but it was a steep mountain path. I think that it is quite difficult to climb.
[Right] of the footTable Rice ShrineIt came down to (Hail shrine). The climb from hereTable Rice Shrine Mountain TrailIs.

竹田城/城下町  竹田城/太田垣光景墓
[Left] The temple is lined with temples in the foothills. The waterway has a good taste.
RightChangzhou TempleIt is said that the first LordTomb of the spectacle of DazakiIs.

竹田城/桑山一重供養塔  竹田城/赤松広秀は科
LeftKatsukenji TempleIs inThe memorial Tower of the Kuwayama single coupleIs.
The first line of Kuwayama was the eldest son of Shigeharu Kuwayama, who became Lord Takeda as a retainer of Shucho Hashiba as described above, but he was 26 years old before his father.
RightTemple of LawWas the last LordMemorial Tower of Hirohide Red circleIs.

竹田城/赤松屋敷跡  竹田城/赤松屋敷跡2
[Left] in the back of the memorial Tower, the age of Hirohide AkamatsuHouse ruinsAre currently being excavated.Cornerstone TrailAndIshigakiHas put out his face.
[Right] The house ruins seemed to be progressing steadily and maintenance.

The shortest path from Takeda station to Takeda CastleThe way back to the stationYes, but this time it was forbidden to enter.

It is a good thing that such a wonderful castle has been known by a lot of people, but the regulation has been strengthened too much, and it is surprised at the change of the remainder compared with the first time to visit 20 several years ago.
I’m sure that there are a lot of castles that have become rather disappointing for the fact that they are no longer able to freely look around the territory.

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