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This article is an extra hen!

It is an off-meeting with the bloggers in Sapporo!

I went to “WINE & PIZZA HACHI” which I visited before ◎

It is a casual Italian bar ♪



Join the members…


San in the “drinking studio”

Power fade of food, drinking, and Yu-powered blog (Sapporo + suburban Street)

And I, You are three people ◎


Italian with three men! Choice!

So, I’m here to toast you!

This time, I made a reservation only for unlimited drinks (90 minutes 1,280 yen)!



First of all, here is a toast with beer ◎

It’s nice to have a drink in Karlsburg!

Well, let’s order the food menu too!


Margherita (500 yen)


The classic Margherita has a lot of cheese and the smell of basil is the best!

I’m glad that this is 500 yen.


HACHI Salad (600 yen)


There is a crisp pizza dough on top of the salad and a hot ball. ◎ (after breaking the hot ball by dividing the pizza dough.) Lol

It is a salad that can enjoy the texture.


Stewed tripper (600 yen)


The picture is too cruel… Sumimasen… Lol

The tripper is insanely soft and tasty.



It was the first meeting with both of you, but I had a good time with very good people ◎

The story of ramen and wine will be studied!

It’s not over yet! I’ll continue to the second meeting!


Also with the line.


● Address
13-1 ASIL SAPPORO 1F, Minami 5-Jo Nishi 5-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Business Hours
17:00-5:00 am
● Telephone
● Regular holiday

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