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20th: Bitin Takamatsu Castle (follow the traces of the fantastic water attack)

20th: Bitin Takamatsu Castle (follow the traces of the fantastic water attack)

Date of Visit: August 14, 2013

Bitin Takamatsu CastleWas in the Kita ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture,Country Historic SitesIs specified in theJapan 100 CastleIt has also been selected.
Last timeTanba Turtle YamashiroAs well asThe change of Honnoh templeI would like to introduce a deep relationship with.
Bitin Takamatsu Castle ruled the Bimiddle regionEx-parent MimuraAre warlords ofHisataka IshikawaIt is said that it was built by. It was a typical swamp castle surrounded by swamps and this wetland was a natural hazard. After he was destroyed by Mr. Mori, who has been expanding his power since AkiMuneharu ShimizuEnters as a castle general.
In 1582, as the Chinese commander of the Oda Nobunaga ArmyHideyoshi HashibaHas entered the region.
Army Mouri againstBitmiddle Boundary Shichijo(Miyaji Yamashiro, Crown Yamashiro,Bitin Takamatsu Castle, Duck Zhuang Castle, Hinahata Castle,Niase Castle, The castle at the border of Matsushima is greeted as a defensive line.
It is an impregnable hazard, and it is a brave general.Muneharu ShimizuIt was very difficult to capture the Bitin Takamatsu Castle defensive. So he is a soldier of Hideyoshi Hashiba.Kuroda KanbeiIs the emergence of. It is not unheard of that it is said that it was a plan to donate after examining the location conditions of the Bitin Takamatsu CastleUnveilingWas. Build a long embankment around the river, recruited the water of the Ashimamoru rivers flowing west, and confine the castle.
As a result of this, the siege operation is going to dominate, but it occurred at 6/2Oda Nobunaga dies in the strange of Honnoh-ji TempleHideyoshi, who promptly caught the information, is rushing to the settlement. The premise of the settlement was the JoshoMuneharu ShimizuSeppuku to 6/4,Mitsuhide Akechi6/6 to subdueChina returnsIt is called to do a blitable withdrawal.
After that, he is well known, and Hideyoshi Habba will go straight to the people.

備中高松城/二の丸  備中高松城/資料館
Left: Honmaru and Ninomaru are nowTakamatsu Castle ParkIt is maintained as.
The moat and swamp have been restored and the atmosphere of the low swamp zone has come out well.
The right side of the hotelMuseumWe recommend that you visit and obtain materials related to the exhibits.

備中高松城/復元模型  備中高松城/本丸方面
[Left] of the water attack that was in the museumRestoration model(You can see it when you zoom in.)
RightHonmaru, The lotus spreads in front.

備中高松城/宗治蓮  備中高松城/本丸
Left: It seems to have grown naturally in the place where the marsh in the front of the Honmaru was restored.
It has been revived since the Warring States period by the regeneration of the swamp, great. In the LocalSouji RenIt is called, and it is familiar.

備中高松城/清水宗治首塚  備中高松城/清水宗治胴塚
【 Left 】 Honmaru Shimizu MuneharuHead Mound.
[Right] a little bit more in the West than the Honmaru of Muneharu ShimizuTHE Trunk MoundIs.

備中高松城/清水宗治自刃の地  備中高松城/ごうやぶ
Left: In the back of the temple opposite the South parking lotMuneharu Shimizu the land of the blade.
It is transmitted that the boat is floated on the water around here and it seppuku splendidly.
[Right] near the ground of the self-bladeDixie BushCalled Ruins.
It is said that it is a place where two subordinates ahead of Munji and self-determination.

備中高松城/舟橋  備中高松城/蛙ヶ鼻土塁
Left: On the river down south from the South parking lotFunahashiThere is a place called.
It is said that the passage to the castle was the one of passing of a simple board on the side of the river boat.
It is a gimmick to flushable whenever the enemy attacks.
Right: Located about 1km east of the castle,Dike in the frog-nosed area
The eastern part of the embankment that Hideyoshi made to accumulate water remains.
CurrentlyTakamatsu Castle Water Attack Historic ParkIt has become.

備中高松城/取水口案内  備中高松城/生石神社付近
Left: On the west side of the castleFoot MorikawaIs said to have poured water from the vicinity of the current JR Ashimamoru station.
Right around hereFoot MorikawaFrom the water.
The mound which looks in the backKiyomasa KatoWas occupyNamishi ShrineKoyama.
Originally, the wealthy tribe of the region named Mr. NamishiNamishi CastleIt is a place that was built.

備中高松城/吉備線  備中高松城/生石神社
[Left] It is a position which pulled a little, but the railcars of JR Kibi line occasionally leisurely and runs out.
Right: Of course,Namishi ShrineAlso went.

Nobunaga ⇒ The castle was very active in the big phase that Hideyoshi and the era shifted.
The Castle of the world famous Hideyoshi’s water attack. The death of Muneharu Shimizu, who was gracefully dispersed.
I wanted to go there once.
It will be an indispensable castle in the story of Kuroda Kanbei, which is decided in 2014 Taiga drama. The sign that the number of visitors seems to increase in the future.

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