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23rd: Hokurong-ji Castle (important center to hold the capital)

23rd: Hokurong-ji Castle (important center to hold the capital)

Date of Visit: May 4, 2013

Horyu-ji CastleIs a castle in Nagaokakyo city, Kyoto Prefecture.
Located in the southwestern part of Kyoto, it is also an important center for suppressing the capital, and it is a castle that has been exposed to the contention by the people of power at times and has become the stage of many stories. It is said that the castle was a nanbokucho era, but in the Warring States Period, it became the castles of Miyoshi, who had a strong influence on the airplane. The Oda Nobunaga, who played the Kami-No in 1568, has an overwhelming military force,Miyoshi ThreesomeIs one of theTomomichi IwinariThe Victory Dragon Temple Castle is easily fallen.
After that, the castle General became a famous samurai warrior as a poet.Takashi Hosokawa (Yusai), It is transmitted that it has been renovated into a more robust castle as a front base of Nobunaga’s Yamashiro reign in this age.
At the time of the expansion of this castle area, it was a wealthy tribe nearMr. KamashiOf CastleKamipojoIt seems to have taken into the castle area in the form of annexed.
This is the eldest son of Takashi HosokawaHosokawa TadokiThe daughter of Mitsuhide Akechi to the origin ofEgg (later Hosokawa Galasha)It is also a castle that is able to married. It seems to be pushing the high-profile Hosokawa Gala as the heroine of the tragedy from the husband (Tadoki) and the father-in-law (Yusai) in the hometown, the name of Garasha as the street, and there are many events named after it.
In the year 1582The change of Honnoh templeAfter,Mitsuhide AkechiEnters,The Battle of YamazakiIt became the front base of the Akechi. Akechi Mitsuhide, who was defeated in the Battle of Yamazaki, once fled to this Koryu-ji Castle, the homeSakamoto CastleWill die on the way to escape. That Akechi Mitsuhide was the last castle in his life.

勝竜寺城/南東正面  勝竜寺城/正面入口
Left: After excavation was done, it is nowKouryu-ji Castle ParkThe moat and the ground base have been restored.
RightSouth GateAnd modeled the TowerMuseumIs.

勝竜寺城/模擬櫓と堀  勝竜寺城/パンフレット
[Left] This is from the northeast side, but the stone wall ⇒ soil base ⇒ The form which is a stone wall from the bottomHachimaki IshigakiIs called.
The right is an excerpt from a local brochure, but the current park isHonmaruAnd of the WestNumata MaruIt is a part with a focus on.

勝竜寺城/北門  勝竜寺城/北門石垣
Left: This is the restoredNorth Gate Stone WallIs.
[Right] North gate is the mostIshigakiI do not know whether it is true in one of the places where it was excavated, but according to the volunteer of the guidance, the stone wall was excavated, and it used natural stone.Field loadingI know that.

勝竜寺城/北門外側  勝竜寺城/細川忠興、ガラシア像
Left: It is the structure of the L-shape which bends to the left, and it is a place where the North gate is seen from the outside.
From hereMitsuhide AkechiIs said to have withdrawn to the direction of Sakamoto Castle.
RightHosokawa Tadoki and Hosokawa Galasha statue.
I’m the only one who thinks he made a statue of Yusai.

勝竜寺城/沼田丸  勝竜寺城/西辺土塁と堀跡
Left: Beyond the Western soil baseThe way to the Numata MaruIt is a mark of.
[Right] this isWestern Soil BaseIs this gap in the band?

勝竜寺城/沼田丸  勝竜寺城/井戸跡
Left: The lawn Park has become aNorth side of Numata MaruIs.
It is thought that it is a moat mark that it is recessed a little.
Right: next to Numata MaruWell marksBut the people in the neighborhood came to draw water.

勝竜寺城/神足神社案内板  勝竜寺城/神足神社
Left: In the north of the castleInformation Board of Kamashi ShrineBut it was a castle area to this area.
Originally, the place of this shrine is Mr. KamashiKamipojoSeems to be where it was,
[Right] at Kamashi shrineEarth Base, Sorbori, DobashiIs in existence.

勝竜寺城/神足城 土橋と空堀
It was completely made into a bamboo grove, but the left and rightKarahori, CentralDobashi, In the backEarthy?

Only the castle in the outskirts of Kyoto, which was the center of the Japan, is full of stories of famous warlords.
Personally renowned as a cultural personTakashi Hosokawa(Yusai) is one of my favorite warlords, but I stillMitsuhide AkechiI’m attracted to the point of the castle related to the end of the last.
It is a story that it was a dense and was a bush until it was maintained as a park in the world of Heisei. The mock tower which has been made beautiful too much in the park making and was not made is built. It is also true that there are pros and cons in the opinion that the atmosphere of the castle and the ruins has been impaired in this. Certainly not enough for those who prefer medieval castles and the like. Such a personKamashi ShrineLet’s not forget to go.

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