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27th: Kojo Castle (huge empty moat of the masterpiece)

27th: Kojo Castle (huge empty moat of the masterpiece)

Date of Visit: July 13, 2013

Small desk CastleIs a castle in Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa.
This castle known for its deep HorikiriJapan 100 CastleIt has also been selected.
It is said that it was built by Mr. Uesugi of Kanto District in the first half of the fifteenth century.
After entering under the control of Mr. Hojo, the second generationHojo Mr. LeashIn response to the renovation ofMakoto KasaharaEntersA small deskOrganized. It seems to have worked as a front line of the Musashi country capture of Hojo Mr. At first. It is thought that the role changed from the front to the castle in the territory after the land of Hojo has expanded exponentially.
The Lord after Mr. Kasahara will be replaced by Hojo Kin, but the time of Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s OdawaraMr. Hojo HikariWas. A small desk castle is not to become a combat areaOdawara CastleWith the opening of the castle, the castle was intact.

The small-table castle is built on a hill along the Tsurumi River, and nowSmall desk Castle Citizen’s ForestThe development is progressing.

小机城/案内板1  小机城/案内板2
[Left] a little older version (?) It is a guide board ofJR Yokohama LineYou can see how the tunnel is drilled and the north side is the main part and the south side of the castle. The dotted line that runs vertically at that timeThe third Keihin RoadIt seems to indicate the schedule line.
[Right] This is the new version of the Guide board. The third Keihin road halves east and west of the castle area.
Also, I feel that the part of the castle on the south side of JR is completely detached and disappears from the Guide board.

小机城/登城口 小机城/登城道


Left: Between housesTokijo Mouth.
Top RightNefurutaniIt climbs the mountain road like the photograph when it crosses called.
Bottom right: It separates the outline and the Honmaru like the photograph by climbing about ten minutes.A huge empty moat.

小机城/空堀2  小机城/空堀3
[Left] very high height differenceEarth base and empty moatYou can see that
RightEarthyNinomaru to the top of theEarthyNear the east edge of the.

小机城/櫓台  小机城/櫓の礎石
[Left] NinomaruTower ruins.
[Right] of the towerCornerstoneIs.

小机城/二の丸  小机城/空堀(二の丸北)
RightThe empty moat on the north side of NinomaruWalk through the promenade.
Left Ninomaru and right sideEarthyIt is like walking along the bottom of the valley.

小机城/空堀(二の丸北)2  小机城/矢倉跡
The left is a deep and huge empty moat anyway.
[Right] a long slender melody between Ninomaru and Honmaru.The ruins of Yagura.

小机城/本丸土塁  小机城/本丸
LeftHonmaruIn a place that travels withEarthyYou can see how it is enclosed in.
RightHonmaruWas ground, and the boy baseball team practiced.

小机城/出城方面へ  小机城/富士仙元
LeftOut CastleTo get to the Honmaru, go down from the south side of the area and walk through the third Keihin guards in the half of the castle and climb up the steps of the photo.
Right: On the west side of the third KeihinTower ruinsTheFuji Senmoto Dai BodhisattvaThere is a stone monument.
If you pass through the forest over the tunnel of JR, you will pop into the private parking lot and the park is over.

The south side of JR of the photograph, the east side of the third Keihin was not accessible, but here tooOut CastleIt seems to have been a castle area at the edge of.

The huge empty moat here is worth a look. It is precious just to say that the castle where there are quite a few remains in such a place near Yokohama. However, it is a way of not saying the presence 、、、 the third Keihin. Can you do something a little more palatable? I think.

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