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30th: Kuzuo Castle (Castle of Yoshikiyo Murakami, Kitushin-no-yu)

30th: Kuzuo Castle (Castle of Yoshikiyo Murakami, Kitushin-no-yu)

Date of Visit: September 24, 2013

Katsurao CastleIs the castle fortress in Sakashiro-machi, Hanishina-gun, Nagano Prefecture.
The ruins of Murakami Castle buildingAsPrefectural Historic SitesIs specified. Of the young or Oguni dayShingen TakedaKnown for having wonYoshikiyo MurakamiIs the castle that was based.
In the first half of the 16th century, Yoshikiyo Murakami was proud of the greatest forces in North Shinano. To counter Takeda Harushin (later Shingen), which has been advancing to Shinano from KaiBattle of KamitaharaAndBroken Door StoneIt has won twice the battle. In these battles, the Takeda ArmyItagaki Nobukata, Amari Tora-Tai, Yokota TakamatsuWas damaged to lose the leading warlords and the like. However, as a result of the clever preparation of Takeda, the group of allies has strayed from one after another, and the Kuzuo castle is self-falling.
Murakami Yoshikiyo EchigoUesugi KenshinAnd the buffer material between Mr. Takeda’s power and Mr. Uesugi’s power has been lost.Battle of KawanakajimaIt is said that it was a trigger to.

葛尾城/遠景  葛尾城/城への道のり
【 Left 】 Katsurao CastleGoli-GamineLocated on the ridge of the, it is not easy to see the castle very high.
I really didn’t mean to go, but when I came near,Yoshikiyo MurakamiDon’t you see the castle? I was in the mood and decided to assault.
Of the FoothillsSakashiro ShrineIt seems that it is a general route to climb over an hour on foot from the road, apparently can climb to close by car along the path behind the forest. I did not have a car navigation system and had to get to the forest path leading to the Kuzuo castle.
[Right] However, this forest path, on the way to the cliff of dirt on the middle, long and long and large.
I feel the WRC in my car Impreza.

葛尾城/駐車場  葛尾城/パンフレット
[Left] Futsu, finally arrived at the parking lot. It was a small one hour after all…
From here, you can walk to the main Guo by 15-20 minutes.
[Right] immediately into the place,Phone boxIf you think it’s a remnant ofGuide mapHas been stored.

葛尾城/縄張図  葛尾城/最初の堀切


The left is a little small, so it is an enlarged photograph of the Guide board in the parking lot.
If you come by car, you will be headed to the main Guo from the north Ridge.
Top right: This is the firstHorikiriThis is where the castle area is from.
[Bottom right] I walk intently on the ridge like this.

葛尾城/謎の石積み  葛尾城/案内のある堀切
[Left] of the mystery that was on the wayMasonryIt is like a dobashi.
Although it was interesting in the field of masonry, I did not understand another role.
Right: How many on the ridge to the main GuoHorikiriThis is probably the biggest horikiri. There is also a simple explanation board.

葛尾城/主郭前の堀切  葛尾城/主郭手前
[Left] This is the main dissectionHorikiri
RightMain GuoLooking up. Quite expensive.

葛尾城/主郭  葛尾城/坂城町側眺望
LeftMain GuoArrived at.
[Right] From here, the view is wonderful. The town side of Sakashiro.

葛尾城/千曲市側眺望  葛尾城/主郭より二の曲輪方面
Left: Chikuma City side. I guess Murakami Yoshikiyo looked at the same scenery.
RightThe cut shore of the Lord GuoIs pretty steep. Let’s go down.

葛尾城/二の曲輪より主郭切岸  葛尾城/二の曲輪、三の曲輪
Left: DownTwo GuoAnd from thereThe cut shore of the Lord GuoLooking up.
[Right] back than where it is recessed in the centerThree Guo。 The foreground isTwo GuoIs.
EarthyCan also be checked. If you go on the southern ridge of the back, the castlePrincess Castle.
Moreover, the ridge of the west side in the right direction seems to remain countless of the tune ring ruins, but it turned back because the day seems to be dark.

葛尾城/村上氏居館石碑  葛尾城/村上氏居館跡
[Left] This is at the foot of the mountainMurakami Ujiori-Kan ruinsEntrance.
Right: The ruins of the house are nowMitsuru-ji TempleIt seems to have been a certain area with the temple.
The usual Yoshikiyo Murakami lived here.

Shingen TakedaSpeaking of rivalsUesugi Kenshin
No, no, the biggest enemy for the young Shingen before I set up a thing with Kenshin UesugiYoshikiyo MurakamiRight. So, in the first half of the story of Shingen without seeing the castle of Yoshikiyo Murakami always appear as a formidable enemy of the Warring States era can not talk!
Well, it might be too much to say, but it was a visit to the castle that challenged with such feelings.

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