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34th: Uehara Castle (from the base of Mr. Suwa to the strategic location of Mr. Takeda)

34th: Uehara Castle (from the base of Mr. Suwa to the strategic location of Mr. Takeda)

Date of Visit: September 22, 2013

Johara CastleIs a castle in Chino City, Nagano Prefecture.
Suwa Castle ruinsAsPrefectural Historic SitesIs specified.
The Suwa Basin is older thanSuwa TaishaIs the highest rank ofBig HolidayInherited,Mr. SuwaHas been governed by.
Mr. Suwa has a side as a priest and a warrior who serves the gods, and it is said that it was in a special position which changed a little as the Sengoku daimyo. In the middle of the fifteenth century thisJohara CastleWas thought to have been built,The home of Mr. SuwaIt had become.
The rough waves of the Warring States period are attacked without mercy to such Mr. Suwa.
It was the head of the Warring States PeriodYorishige SuwaWas in a th relationshipShingen TakedaAttacked byJohara CastleThrow away your next doorKuwahara CastleI ran into it, but I was made to do it after surrender. The Suwa total territory which is the lineage of orthodoxy here is ruined.
Under the control of Mr. Takeda, the castle of ShigeomiNobukata ItagakiWill continue to function as an important base for the Shinano cheats. Then, it is said that it became a ruined castle by the destruction of Mr. Takeda.

上原城/遠景  上原城/板垣平入口
Left: Uehara CastleTerayama NagakiIs built on the ridge.
It is easy to access the can climb by car.
Right in front of the house ruins where the usual life was operated,Taira ItagakiThe name is Mr. Takeda’s heavy minister.Nobukata ItagakiIt might be the one named after.

上原城/案内  上原城/板垣平縄張図
LeftTaira ItagakiIt is also possible to climb on foot from here.
First, after seeing the Ikan-Hei Itagaki, on the mountain by carA castle partI decided to head to.
[Right] is the Itagaki flat part of the rope-clad figure.

上原城/板垣平  上原城/主要部入口
LeftTaira ItagakiThe uncle was mowing the summer grass, but it looks like a square with nothing in particular except the field.
However, in a little shrub of the backEarthyYou can see the climb that seems to be.
[Right] there is also a parking space like the photograph when going up to the castle part by car.
Is just one of the inflection wheelA lonely MountainWill be behind.
From the leftA lonely Mountain.

上原城/主要部縄張図  上原城/堀切
[Left] is a map of the main part of the mountain.
[Right] first of all, it was cut between the mountain (left side) and the Lonely Mountain (right side) with this Guo.Huge HorikiriIs.

上原城/畝状竪堀  上原城/金毘羅神社
On the left, it is rare in this area.Ridge-like vertical moatCan be seen.
Can you see that it is uneven and ridge-like? I will fall to the cliff as it is.
RightThree GuoTo the equivalent locationAohemp ShrineIs built.

上原城/かまど石  上原城/物見石
Left: There is a strange rock like the photograph when descending a little of the original climbing road from three Guo.
Bitten and stoneIt is said that it is called.
The right is on the Aohemp shrine.Two GuoThis is also a strange rock.Watch Rock.
It seems to be called because the role of the Watch stand also played, and it is said that it is a little scary of the climb. Let’s stop.

上原城/二の丸から主郭  上原城/主郭
LeftTwo GuoMoreBook Guo.
RightBook GuoIs. I do not know much in the photograph, but the three sides of northeast southLow Ground baseYou can see that it is enclosed in

From the west to the north,Osamu Chang-in flatIt is understood that a myriad of inflection rings including and are built in the step shape.

With the expansion of the province of Takeda Shingen, a particularly powerful and high-profile among the warring warlords, many traditional local forces have been ruined in Shinano. In the end, the Suwa Soyo House was a special existence with its mystique, but it did not defy the flow of history.
The scenery of Suwa basin that Mr. Suwa valued was looked down from Uehara castle just like Mr. Suwa. I think this action is good for anyone who likes castles.

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