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5th: Uwajima Castle (existing tower, the castle of turf by Takora Todo)

5th: Uwajima Castle (existing tower, the castle of turf by Takora Todo)

Date of Visit: March 23, 2013

Uwajima CastleIs a very famous castle in Hirayama Castle in Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture.
In the Japan, there are 12 castles with tower remaining than before the Meiji era, but I think that Uwajima Castle is famous for being one of them.Country Historic SitesIs specified in theJapan 100 CastleIt is also selected as one of the.
After the Battle of Sekigahara, the originalItashima CastleWhere there was a castle called, the masterTodo TakoraWas built. It was in Matsuno town next to you.Kawago MorijoThere is also the tradition of relocated tower.
After that, the Lord of the Edo periodDate Mr.It seems to have become the current figure in the age of. Speaking of date, Sendai’sDate MasamuneIs famous, but this Uwajima date domain is the eldest son of MasamuneDate HidezuneIn the House of the clan, the TokugawaDate MuneshiroIsFour wise HouAs a history-high-profile monarch.

The territory is referring to the pamphlet obtained in the locale.
Sanmaru has been completely made into the city, but the interior is maintained as a park.

宇和島城/桑折長屋門  宇和島城/井戸丸石垣
[Left] Well, the north entrance isSamurai NagyakunRelocated what had been left in the mansion of old Mr. Kuwori.
[Right] it climbs and after a whileWell round‘S WonderfulIshigakiYou can see.
The Moss is fascinated by the beautiful and green objects.

宇和島城/井戸跡  宇和島城/本丸石垣と天守
[Left] this isWell marksIs.
The right is an important cultural property of the country.TowerHas come into view.

宇和島城/本丸虎口  宇和島城/本間宇r
[Left] is the tiger mouth to the Honmaru. Back thenComb Gate.
RightHonmaru. At the time of the cherry blossoms, it was crowded with tourists.

宇和島城/天守閣  宇和島城/天守からの眺望
Left: Cherry blossoms andExisting towerThe strongest composition.
【 Right 】 Tower to the Honmaru, below, and the Uwajima Bay.

宇和島城/山里倉庫  宇和島城/山里倉庫
LeftFujibei MaruIs inYamazato Warehouse(Left) is a relocated of the existing Arsenal in Sanunmaru, and nowShiroyama Folk MuseumWe have become. In front of the relocated gate, he worked as a jurist.Hozumi Chen and the eight-bunch brothers ‘ birthplace NagyakamonIs.
RightNagato MaruBetter than Todo Takora CastleHigh stone wall
On top of that,Yamazato Warehouse.

宇和島城/式部丸石垣  宇和島城/上がり立ち門
LeftShikibu MaruOfIshigakiIs. Plants are bred and green on the stone walls.
[Right] on the south SideClimbing Gate。 The only remaining precious gate.

Although the moat which was from the original was buried and Sanunmaru was buried in urbanization, the Uwajima castle is worth seeing in the existing tower and a beautiful, colorful stone wall alone anyway!

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