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A set-up restaurant in Noda City: 700 yen with tax, super horse side dish lunch buffet!

A set-up restaurant in Noda City: 700 yen with tax, super horse side dish lunch buffet!

500 Yen Viking in Gunma, “Marutama Honke”,
It was an oasis for me…

The taste was well and well,
It is an indispensable place for B class travel.

However, it is impossible in a day trip from Chiba (T_T)

It is not a place to go purposely
It’s a B-class travel option.

I wonder if there are any nearby places like this…

Oh, I don’t know… Such as
While giving up half a search,

It was in my Chiba Prefecture. (@_@)

I’m going to try to find nothing…

Even if it is not
I went to the swift attack cheats…. No…

The place is Noda city.

Speaking of Noda City
Yayoi Shokudo but
It’s a long distance from there.
(Even so, the Yayoi Shokudo has been dormant for more than a year… There are no plans to reopen the seems.

This shop is near the ion Ferris wheel…

The intersection of the entrance to the Noda City station
If you come from Kashiwa, turn right and
It is in the place which advanced 200M to the north.


This shop’s WEBSITE is 500 yen for 30 minutes.
Eating log 40 minutes 700 yen

Which is right,
It was the purpose of this time to confirm.


This time, I won the log eating.

Immediately entered the store (^^)

First, pay 700 yen for acceptance,
I’ll take a plate.
If you use the plate, you will get an explanation.

Well, what kind of thing is there?


The dish is piled on a comparatively small dish.

In addition to fried chicken and boiled,
What, roast ginger and loin
Ham cheese cutlet,
And, it is until the stir fry of the grilled pork and beef.

Moreover, the dish seems to change from next to next.
Moreover, all goods are handmade.

Let’s go immediately (⌒ ∇ ⌒) No ~ ~ ~ ~!!
First, the cycle


It tasted important, but
This is pretty cool…
I mean, it’s a super horse. (^^)/

It’s more of a taste than a normal Viking.
Full of handmade feeling!!

The amount to make it all at once is somewhat small,
Because everything is freshly prepared,
Fry is crispy and the stir fry is also warm.

Especially the grilled pork and ginger-yaki were exquisite.
I just had to refill it. (^^)/

And then the second round


It became very very full.
I’m not going to be a teputepmarmal again (–;)

It’s just from 11:30 to 13:00.
On Saturdays and Sundays, the Viking is not doing,
There are many restrictions (T_T)

There are only a few people who can go.
It is a place to be recommended.

In addition, the Bento is 500 yen for unlimited packing.


Personal assessment

High score with no complaints
However, it is not a perfect score because there is a difficulty to go when business hours and Saturdays and Sundays are closed (T_T)

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