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B-Class gourmet trip to Ibaraki III (4) ~ Local B-Class gourmet “stamina chilled” of the middle of Ibaraki is takeout available ~ Gakishokudo @ Hitachinaka

B-Class gourmet trip to Ibaraki III (4) ~ Local B-Class gourmet “stamina chilled” of the middle of Ibaraki is takeout available ~ Gakishokudo @ Hitachinaka

Hitachinaka & one of the local B-class gourmet in the Mito area
There is a thing called stamina ramen.

But when I go to Ibaraki,
It becomes apt to go to the seafood system by all means,
It is also a fact that it loses to the desire.

Nakaminato’s local B-class gourmet Nakaminato Yakisoba
Take out a full-fledged, you can take a way to share and capture
The ramen system does not go that way.

I checked all the shopping malls in Ibaraki Prefecture.
There seems to be no shop can eat stamina ramen in the shop which is also in the food court.

…… Continue to gather information
Discover that there are shops that can somehow capture (b) plains?

Apparently local capital Super
It seems to have entered as a tenant to San Yu.
It seems to be near the food court form here.
It’s possible to share food court…

And some of the menu seems to be takeout.
If you can’t share it, it’s the worst takeaway.

So, in order to clear the long overdue
It’s a restaurant in Hitachinaka city.


Because it is in the area where the joyful Honda, Tsukiya Bookstore, Sanki etc. of Hitachinaka City are gathered, it will not become lost.


Oh, there was.
It’s really in the supermarket (^^)

Immediately entered the store.
It’s like a own spells against of a regular shop and a food court.


The Stamina ramen in Ibaraki
With the usual warm stamina ramen,
There are two kinds of stamina cooling,
For the local people, it seems that the product of stamina cooling is more popular, so I ordered that

(Takeout is also possible to cool stamina)

Wait Seven minutes
It’s finally over. (^^)


Stamina Chilled
There is a hot bean jam on a thick, chilled noodle.
If anything, it is close to the fried buckwheat noodles.

The noodles seem to be boiled in a thick eye and then cooled haste.


Sweet and spicy chili peppers with sesame oil
Ibaraki Teast Fully Open
The macrocosm of Ibaraki is exactly
With plenty of bean paste…

Oh, by the way, it doesn’t seem to have garlic in it…

I was stunned by the pumpkin.
It does not become an accent without this.

The cabbage and carrots are
The sweetness of the vegetable is good.

Meat is not pork, use a pig lever.
This bean paste loses if it is just meat.
Just right on the lever.

Taste is
Yakisoba bean paste finished with Levilla.
… And, if you can imagine, I think I could grasp a rough image.

While sharing, the food


I’m sorry.
Belly-strapped (–;)

Site of the restaurant
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