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B-Class gourmet trip to Ibaraki III (5)-Get enough of the service of cheap Vijo in Mito

B-Class gourmet trip to Ibaraki III (5)-Get enough of the service of cheap Vijo in Mito

To keep the budget of your trip to Ibaraki cheap
It depends on the cost of accommodation in Mito.
… It is not too much to say.

The price rate of Vijo in Mito
In the Kanto area, next to Takasaki and cheap.

What a night with breakfast, including tax, including parking,
Weekdays: 5,500 yen ~ 6,000 yen for adults
On Saturdays and Sundays, there are some accommodations that are around 7000 yen.

In this trip,
It was the distance and the time to be able to return to the home enough in the distance
I didn’t sleep the day before, and I couldn’t bear the car.

I have to rest convalescent’s wife.
I dared to stay in Mito for ten years.

It is a five minute walk from Mito station.
The hotel was very cheap.
(The name is in reference to the image… )


I made a reservation on a weekday in May via the lantern.
With what, one night with breakfast
5000 yen…!! (B)

However, there are only 25 free parking spaces that can be parked on the first
I checked in at five in the evening.
(The car keys must be left in the hotel, so people with a sense of resistance are not recommended. )

In addition, the
There is also a restaurant, a glass of beer 🍺 or a glass of wine and soft drinks for a welcome drink
And a light supper is a service.


Because I ate a seafood rice bowl and stamina chill in daytime,
I’m still hungry…

I walked around Mito station without a stomach.


It’s a capital city, indeed. (^^)
The sign of Natto…

I’ve even tried to take a peek at some of the taverns in the town.
Because I’m not hungry,
The “Food biosensor” in me does not work, and I cannot find what I want to eat.

There was also a skewer-fried shop and a motu grill to be worried about,
I’ve come all the way here. It is not feeling either.
The price was reasonable…

Back to the hotel after all,
I decided to take care of it in the restaurant of the hotel.

However, because it is too reliance on a free service
I ordered several knobs.

First of all, welcome drink glass of beer.

The octopus that does not stop the Thorns kikenmin loves is to eat, and the fried octopus is ordered 480 yen.

And I ate sashimi in the daytime,
I want to taste raw fish of different impact again,
Order today’s Carpaccio @ 780 yen.
This day was a sea bream.


Apart from the octopus, carpaccio of bream
The freshness is quite good in quantity.

Sure enough, the beer was gone soon….
But just in the midst of a wine fair,
Order cheap wine red and white…
Guests can drink 200 yen per cup…


The belly was not so vacant,
The tone rises when sake enters.

With the momentum, garlic toast,
Order wiener and potato fry platter


We were drunk for only five wines.
Finally, the service for the guests of today is a midnight snack
Ochazuke a rice ball


If you know from the beginning that this is out,
Desperately good to leave a piece of snapper (-_-;)
If it was a sea bream Ochazuke, it would have been delicious…

Just order this.
3200 Yen (^^)
I was saved!!

Well, I decided to stay at this inn,
In recent years, I was looking for a local B-class gourmet revived the city.

About this, again next time…

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