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Birthday Temple (12 December 2015)

Birthday Temple (12 December 2015)

Today, I want to enjoy the night visit in Arashiyama to Kyoto City.

I don’t get tired of going to Kyoto many times a year.
It is truly Kyoto.

The birth temple in the birthplace of Dogen Zen master which is the high ancestor of the Soto sect before that
I decided to visit the shrine in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto.

The Edge is far away from the first place, because there is no knowledge only about Nagaira temple,
I thought that it was a birth in the vicinity of Nagaira Temple Zen master Dogen. (^ ^;

For the time being, I examined it to increase knowledge even a little.

[Zen Master Michimoto]
Shoji 2 (1200) was born in Kyoto between Kuga parent and daughter of Kujo Group.
Young and widowed parents, at the age of 13, the priest under the Tendai and public yen.
He claims to be a Buddhist bunch of dharma.

After learning six years in the high Priest of Mount Hiei and Sonjoji Temple, he studied Rinzai sect at Kenninji Temple.

Sadatō 2 (1223) The introduction to the Jingdeok Temple priest Tendo in the Southern song.
Two years of studying and returning to Kenninji Temple.

Tenfuku-ji (1233) Kyoto Fushimi Fukakusa,
This is the first Japan to establish a temple with a deck gastroenterology for Zazen.

However, the shrine was torn by the Eizan of the mountain.

It moved to Echizen by being requested by Yoshishige Hatano and Daruma of the temple.
To create a big Buddha temple in the territory of Mr. Hatano,
He renewed the Yongpyeong temple and the Terissue in the fourth year (1246).

The 1st year of Baoji (1247) Hojo Tokiyori invited to Kamakura to take refuge.
The next year I returned to Nagaira temple.
Kencho 5 years (1253) in Kyoto.

Address: 2-10 Kuga Honmachi, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Sect: Soto-shu
Principal Image: Sentekannon Bodhisattva
Founded: 1919, Taisho 8
Founder: Hioki Zen Master
Fusatan: Shen 32


Large ginkgo tree that was in a large free parking lot.

【 Belfry 】

I thought it was a meetinghouse or something.
It was Zazen Temple. (^ ^;


Temple Gate

Main Hall

Unfortunately, it remained closed.

[Dogen Zen Master Childhood Image]

【 Kansera Bodhisattva 】

【 Toyokawa Inari-no-Tenten 】

[Crane Tower]

It is a tower of the parents of Dogen Zen master,
This is a reprint and the real thing is stored in the Kitamura Museum near Demachiyanagi Yanagi station.


[Michimoto Zen Master Yusui]


[Red Seal]

[Zen Language]

The Red Seal of the Zen language was a memo.

Because it is quite large, it cannot be pasted in the red mark Book of 16 centimeters. (^ ^;<!–


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