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Chiiran Samurai Mansion Group (visit on September 25, 2017)

Chiiran Samurai Mansion Group (visit on September 25, 2017)

[Mori Shigeken Garden]

At the very end is the number 7 forest Shigeken garden.

This gate is a two-stage roof and I feel the height of formality.

It is not, and the ancestor of the Mori family as a heavy minister for generations,
It was a very prestigious family.
It is said that the Lord often visited.


The year of Kanho (1741) was erected.

The right side is for the Lord and the left side is the entrance for up homeowners.



This is also the one that was erected in the year of Kanho (1741),
The walls are made of clay.

The roof is tied to the white wall with a rope made of palm without being fixed,
Or remove the roof at the time of the fire.

It is great wisdom.

Middle Gate


In the Garden of Kanaho (1741-1744),
This is the only Ikezumi garden in the Chiiran Samurai Mansion Group.

Until now, the garden was wholly honest,
This is the garden which does not lose to Kyoto’s tower.


[Stone Dare]

It is amulet.

[Authentic Place Street]

I feel that there is an influence of Okinawa when I see the stone wall.

Good atmosphere.

I am going to see the garden of the number one to the third from now on opposite.

[Hirayama Ryoichi Garden]

Number three.

Ancestral Hall

【 Main Store 】

[Water bowl]

The water pot in the foreground is the one to drop the blood of the sword and the spear in the one theory.


There is no stone set unlike the other garden here,
This garden has views of Mt. Hahadake.

[Hirayama Katsumi Garden]

Number two.

Meiwa Annual (1764-1771) garden.

【 Main Store 】

[Saigo Keiichiro Garden]

It is the number one in the edge.

The garden of the late Edo Cultural Affairs period (1804-1829).

【 Main Store 】

[Authentic Place Street]

I think the atmosphere from the first and second area is the best.

This is the end of the visit of the Chiiran Samurai Mansion Group.

I was the image of a samurai house and more like a warrior,
It was built in a peaceful Edo period, and the garden was the main.

There is also a samurai house in Kanazawa,
There are a lot of beautiful gardens that Cojale.

However, this is a rustic Satsuma Hayato was built under the influence of Okinawa
There were many Manly gardens.

【 Mitsuju-ji 】

It is a temple of the Pure Land Jodo near the Chiiran Samurai mansion.

The main hall was open. (^ ^

[Koji-Kura Kawachi]

It is a factory and a dealer near Kagoshima airport,
There are the tasting of shochu, Wiener, and the tasting of the roast pig.

Amazake to eat was also delicious.

The woman who explained it was beautiful. (^ ^

A distillation pot


This is the end of all sightseeing.

【 Kagoshima Airport 】

We had an early dinner at the airport and went home.

We had a very good meal at Kagoshima Airport. (^ ^

【 Itami Airport 】

I’m tired.<!–


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