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Fukuchi Castle [1/2] The ruins of IgA-no-Gokan with a huge gate and high base.

Fukuchi Castle [1/2] The ruins of IgA-no-Gokan with a huge gate and high base.

The Fukuchi Castle is a prominent fellow seems Fukuchi of the Tsuge region located at the northeastern end of the IGA, and the main Guo, surrounded by a giant arch and stone wall on a hill, is a distinctive mark of the house. Fukuchi is also said to be a castle. According to the description of the IGA tourist information site, Mr. Fukuchi contributed to the victory with the Oda way in the rebellion of Tensho IgA, and expanded the power, but it was attacked by other nations when losing the back shield after the change of Honnoh temple, and it was settled to another country ( reference ). It is thought that the castle became a deserted castle in that case. The castle ruins are maintained in the park where that Matsuo Basho is from IGA and is assumed to be a clan of Mr. Fukuchi, and a lot of song monuments etc. are lined up as “Basho Park”.

Basic Data >
Name: Fukuchi Castle (Wikipedia)
● Location: IgA City, Mie Prefecture ( map )
● Main building: Mamoru Fukuchi Iyo
● Castle: Around the 15th century
-Remains: stone wall, earth base, empty moat, tiger mouth, etc.

Date of Visit: July, 2016
Visit to Fukuchi Castle: One , two .

Visit >

fukuchijo01-4073About 40 minutes walk from JR Tsuge station. The small hill which is maintained as Basho Park is “Fukuchi Castle ruins”. A historical monument is also erected at the entrance of the stone steps to Basho Park.

fukuchijo02-4074A splendid historical monument Fukuchi ruins of historic sites.

fukuchijo03-4075Historical Site “Fukuchi Castle ruins” explanation board. IGA’s Premier castle ruins, Lord is Fukuchi Iyo Mamoru Munetaka, formerly Hioki, with Kitamura Mr. Tsuge was a powerful country who was called three-way. Moreover, it was named Basho Park as the ground of the Basho Yukari because it was a clan of Mr. Fukuchi, and Matsuo Basho was from IGA (the hometown is Tsuge theory and Akasaka theory). By the way, Basho was born in 1644, Fukuchi Castle because it has become a waste castle per post Honnoh temple, there is no reason that Basho was in Fukuchi Castle.

fukuchijo04-6136sFukuchi Castle Nahari (“Walk the best 50 of the Triple Yamashiro” Sunrise publication issued p.197 from the quote). The stone steps that the narrow road which passes between Guo V and IV from here now climb in the red circle place. Let’s visit the main Guo, the other around II Guo, III Guo (IV Guo House), and finally the XII Guo which is transmitted to the ruins in peacetime.

fukuchijo05-4076I went up the stone steps and went to the castle ruins. This stone steps might be the one of the park maintenance. However, there might have been a road at that time because the enclosure, the stone wall, and the ground base remained on the left and right.

fukuchijo06-4077On the left side of the stone steps, the outside of the castle is a fine height and length Earth base.

fukuchijo07-4078You can see the stone wall on the left side and the right back.

fukuchijo08-4079Stone walls are stacked with huge stones. It corresponds to the IV enclosure of the previous rope-clad figure. There is a lot of land (Japanese restaurant) on this, but the ruins were destroyed by the construction though there was once a pillar mark and a round mark ruins according to the material. This stone wall might also be the one piled up in the case of the housing lot construction.

fukuchijo09-4080To the back along the stone wall of the housing lot.

fukuchijo10-4082The impression that it wraps around to the other side of the Guru. The left side is the tiger mouth and later walks. First, head straight to the main enclosure at the back of the front.

fukuchijo11-4084You can see the big gate with a huge stone wall. The ruins of the castle are not thought to be IGA.

fukuchijo12-4129Fukuchi Castle is the biggest highlight of the main Guo Stone. Let’s look carefully. Corners seems to be crumbling, but still has about 3m left. The field stacking method which piled up the stone which remains round is messy. You can see a bend in the back. The left side of the stone wall was an empty moat, but I did not understand depth by the grass.

fukuchijo13-4128Stone wall on the right towards. It is also possible to see that the twist is made by piling up the long side alternately, and the corners is done though it collapses greatly here. It might be a record that ODA Nobuo put the retainer after the rebellion of Tensho IgA though the Fukuchi of IgA Tsuchigo was built and ruled in the Fukuchi castle, and such a technology of the weaving Feng period was turned on at that time. Is this stone wall the one of those days?

fukuchijo14-4086A major stone wall. The stone wall in the center part is squeezed out and it narrows. According to the material, the cornerstone which was once thought to have supported the column was found (it was not able to be located in the locale). Is there a possibility that a huge tower gate gate was blocking this place?

fukuchijo15-4087Around the narrow major gate. A huge gate was built around here.

fukuchijo16-4088Bent part of the stone wall. A large number of stuffed stones are embedded.

fukuchijo17-4089The bent part of the other side.

fukuchijo18-4094The backside of the stone wall. A pretty huge earthbase is being built. This surrounds the circumference of the main Guo.

fukuchijo19-4090Let’s go through the major gate mark and enter the inside of the main Guo. The inside is a park.

fukuchijo20-4093Inside the main Guo. Quite wide. It is a Basho park, and a lot of song monument is built.

fukuchijo21-4095In the main Guo, not only the stone monument but also the trees are planted, and it is difficult to stroll especially in the summer greatly growing up. I found a round part of masonry. Pond traces? It is a frog with garbage.

fukuchijo22-4096Masonry in the central part (reuse the ruins of the stone wall? “Basho’s birthplace” was placed on top of the monument. It was not born individually, but there is a theory that the town of Tsuge is the place of Basho’s birth.

fukuchijo23-4097The circumference of the main Guo is rolled around a huge base. Let’s climb up later.

fukuchijo24-4099The masonry well that remains in the main Guo back. Pretty old roof.

fukuchijo25-4100Well explanation board. It thought, and the episode of this well of the Fukuchi Castle came out and it was an excerpt of the novel “Consideration Hungry Reed” of Yokitsu profit.

fukuchijo26-4101In the old well. There is an old fishing bottle of iron. A beautiful masonry remains in the circle.

fukuchijo27-4102It was not found that there was a famous song monument of “Old Pond and” which came out in the explanation board of the well ahead although there were a lot of song monuments in the castle. Let’s go to the back of this song monument because there is another tiger mouth. The spider’s web is stretched between the trees and it is hard to move.

fukuchijo28-4103Beyond the monument to the back. I can see the road somehow.

fukuchijo29-4105There is a small hole in the ground base, and the masonry is seen in both sides and the back. Let’s go out from the tiger mouth to the ground base.

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Date of Visit: July, 2016
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-M1 + XF14mm
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